Berlin 2018 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 9: Postersession I

BP 9.20: Poster

Montag, 12. März 2018, 17:30–19:30, Poster A

Towards video rate imaging of IFT at nanoscale resolution using the Atomic Force Microscope — •Renata Garces and Christoph F. Schmidt — Drittes Physikalisches Institut - Biophysik, Fakultät für Physik, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Atomic force microscopy is a powerful tool for characterizing single molecules with nano-scale spatial resolution. The improvement of image acquisition rates render possible to access dynamical processes having place at nano-scale, such as the ones driving the highly dynamic traffic in the cell. Here we present the advances in the implementation of an experimental in vitro model system to study the dynamics of molecular motors involved in Intra Flagellar Traffic (IFT) keeping high spatial resolution. Our system consist of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii axonemes adhered to a hard substrate. Topographic images from the atomic force microscope allows to distinguish doublets of microtubules and tubulin dimers from axoneme surfaces. Adding high concentrations of immobilized dimeric kinesin-1 motor in presence of nonhydrolyzable ATP analog (AMP-PNP) results in fully decorated axoneme surfaces. Addition of ATP at different concentrations results in differentiated motor activity.

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