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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 55: Focus: Emergent phenomena in driven quantum many-body systems (joint session DY/TT)

Donnerstag, 15. März 2018, 09:30–11:30, EB 107

In the past years, driven quantum many-body systems have been demonstrated to offer a huge playground for emergent states of matter. These range from light-induced switching of phases in solids and laser-modified chemical reactions via Floquet topological states in photonic crystals to artificial gauge fields in optical lattices and Floquet time crystals in many-body localized systems. The goal of the proposed session Emergent phenomena in driven quantum many-body systems is to bring together distinguished scientists from a variety of fields who work on driven quantum systems from different perspectives, both theoretically and experimentally, to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions and guide future research directions. For the general audience, this is an opportunity to gain a broad overview of a growing research field with great potential and many open questions.

Coordinator: France Manghi (Modena)

09:30 DY 55.1 Hauptvortrag: Nuclear and electronic dynamics in ultrafast photoinduced charge separation — •Carlo Andrea Rozzi
10:00 DY 55.2 Hauptvortrag: Theory of pump-probe spectroscopy: Ultrafast laser engineering of ordered phases and microscopic couplings — •Michael Sentef
10:30 DY 55.3 Transient dynamics in an excitonic insulator: Fast computation of nonequilibrium Green's functions — •Riku Tuovinen, Denis Golež, Michael Schüler, Martin Eckstein, and Michael Sentef
10:45 DY 55.4 Entanglement growth and thermalisation after a spatially inhomogeneous quenchMaximilian Schulz, •Chris Hooley, Roderich Moessner, and Frank Pollmann
11:00 DY 55.5 Creating a superfluid by kinetically driving a Mott insulatorGregor Pieplow, Fernando Sols, and •Charles Creffield
11:15 DY 55.6 Time evolution, dynamics and control of edge states in laser-driven graphene nanoribbons — •Matteo Puviani and Andrea Bertoni
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