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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 10: Nitrides: Devices

Montag, 12. März 2018, 15:00–17:30, EW 203

15:00 HL 10.1 Mechanism and Reduction of temperature-dependent RF loss of GaN-HEMTs on Silicon substrate — •Tien Tung Luong, Yi Heng Chen, Chung Han Chiang, Yen Teng Ho, Shane Chang, and Edward Yi Chang
15:15 HL 10.2 Implementation of a GaN:Mg/GaN:Ge tunnel junction in blue vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser structures — •Christoph Berger, Silvio Neugebauer, Gordon Schmidt, Cleophace Seneza, Jürgen Bläsing, Jürgen Christen, Armin Dadgar, and André Strittmatter
15:30 HL 10.3 AlxGa1−xN:Mg short period superlattice cladding layers with x ≥ 0.6 for UVC laser diodes — •C. Kuhn, M. Guttmann, N. Susilo, M. Martens, F. Mehnke, L. Sulmoni, T. Wernicke, and M. Kneissl
15:45 HL 10.4 AlGaN-based deep UV LEDs grown on sputtered and high temperature annealed AlN/sapphire — •Norman Susilo, Sylvia Hagedorn, Dominik Jaeger, Hideto Miyake, Ute Zeimer, Christoph Reich, Bettina Neuschulz, Luca Sulmoni, Martin Guttmann, Frank Mehnke, Christian Kuhn, Tim Wernicke, Markus Weyers, and Michael Kneissl
16:00 HL 10.5 Structural and optical properties of InxAlyGa1−xyN layers for UVB-LEDs — •Tolga Teke, Johannes Enslin, Gunnar Kusch, Lucia Spasevski, Christoph Reich, Bettina Neuschulz, Tim Wernicke, Robert Martin, and Michael Kneissl
  16:15 15 min. break.
16:30 HL 10.6 Evidence of nanoscale Anderson localization induced by intrinsic compositional disorder in InGaN/GaN quantum wells by scanning tunneling luminescence spectroscopy — •Wiebke Hahn, Jean-Marie Lentali, Petr Polovodov, Nathan Young, Shuji Nakamura, James S. Speck, Claude Weisbuch, Marcel Filoche, Fouad Maroun, Lucio Martinelli, Yves Lassailly, and Jacques Peretti
16:45 HL 10.7 Transport of localized charge carriers in disordered mediaJean-Marie Lentali, Marcel Filoche, and •Svitlana Mayboroda
17:00 HL 10.8 Electronic processes in nitride compounds and devicesWiebke Hahn, Jean-Marie Lentali, James S. Speck, Claude Weisbuch, Marcel Filoche, Lucio Martinelli, and •Jacques Peretti
17:15 HL 10.9 Q factor limitation in the UVA in III-nitride-on-silicon photonic crystal cavities — •Farsane Tabataba-Vakili, Iannis Roland, Thi-Mo Tran, Xavier Checoury, Moustafa El Kurdi, Sébastien Sauvage, Christelle Brimont, Thierry Guillet, Stéphanie Rennesson, Jean-Yves Duboz, Fabrice Semond, Bruno Gayral, and Philippe Boucaud
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