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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 16: Focussed Session: Quantum Nanophotonics in Solid State Systems: Status, Challenges and Perspectives I (joint session HL/TT)

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 09:30–15:45, EW 201

Photonic quantum technologies provide revolutionary concepts and innovative solutions in the fields of sensing, communication and computing in the so called "second quantum revolution". Activities in this area involve light-matter interaction, light propagation, light manipulation and light detection, mainly at the single photon level. The Focus Session aims at presenting and discussing the current status of quantum nanophotonics, open challenges as well as future directions and perspectives in this very active field of solid state research.

Organizers: Alexander Szameit(U Rostock), Ruth Oulton (U Bristol), and Stephan Reitzenstein (TU Berlin)

09:30 HL 16.1 Hauptvortrag: Exploring the limits of position measurement with optomechanicsSergey A. Fedorov, Vivishek Sudhir, Nils J. Engelsen, Ryan Schilling, Hendrik Schütz, Amir H. Ghadimi, Mohammad J. Bereyhi, Dalziel J. Wilson, and •Tobias J. Kippenberg
10:00 HL 16.2 Hauptvortrag: On-chip integration of superconducting single photon detectors — •Wolfram Pernice
  10:30 HL 16.3 The contribution has been withdrawn.
10:45 HL 16.4 Deterministic integration of QDs into on-chip multimode interference couplers via in-situ electron beam lithography — •Peter Schnauber, Johannes Schall, Samir Bounouar, Jin-Dong Song, Theresa Hoehne, Sven Burger, Tobias Heindel, Sven Rodt, and Stephan Reitzenstein
  11:00 15 min. break.
11:15 HL 16.5 Hauptvortrag: Integrated III-V nonlinear quantum optical devices — •Gregor Weihs
11:45 HL 16.6 Temporally adjustable photon pairs from semiconductor waveguides — •K. Laiho, B. Pressl, A. Schlager, S. Auchter, H. Chen, T. Günthner, H. Suchomel, J. Gessler, M. Kamp, S. Höfling, C. Schneider, and G. Weihs
12:00 HL 16.7 On-chip hybrid quantum photonic circuitsAli W. Elshaari, Iman Esmaeil Zadeh, Andreas Fognini, Dan Dalacu, Philip J. Poole, Michael E. Reimer, Val Zwiller, and •Klaus D. Jöns
12:15 HL 16.8 Reconfigurable integrated optical circuits on an stretchy polymer chip — •James A. Grieve, Kian Fong Ng, Filip Auksztol, Manuel J.L.F. Rodrigues, Neo Ho, José Viana-Gomes, and Alexander Ling
12:30 HL 16.9 Confined microcavity polaritons: effect of trap geometry on potential shape — •Alexander Kuznetsov, Paul Helgers, Klaus Biermann, and Paulo Santos
  12:45 HL 16.10 The contribution has been withdrawn.
13:00 HL 16.11 Enhanced single-photon emission from a CdSe quantum dot in a ZnSe nanowire featuring a bottom-up photonic shellMathieu Jeannin, Thibault Cremel, Teppo Häyrynen, •Niels Gregersen, Edith Bellet-Amalric, Gilles Nogues, and Kuntheak Kheng
  13:15 45 min. break.
14:00 HL 16.12 Hauptvortrag: Hybrid waveguide platforms for quantum optics — •Michal Bajcsy
14:30 HL 16.13 Heterogeneous quantum networks: Combine QDs with long lived atomic quantum memories — •Janik Wolters, Lucas Béguin, Roberto Mottola, Jan-Philipp Jahn, Andrew Horsley, Fei Ding, Armando Rastelli, Oliver G. Schmidt, Richard J. Warburton, and Philipp Treutlein
14:45 HL 16.14 Rare-earth doped nanoparticles with millisecond-long spin coherence lifetime — •Diana Serrano, Jenny Karlsson, Alexandre Fossati, Alban Ferrier, Alexandre Tallaire, and Philippe Goldner
15:00 HL 16.15 Cavity Optomagnonics — •Silvia Viola Kusminskiy, Florian Marquardt, Hong Tang, and Jasmin Graf
15:15 HL 16.16 Quantization of three-dimensional leaky and lossy cavities using quasinormal modes — •Sebastian Franke, Stephen Hughes, Andreas Knorr, and Marten Richter
15:30 HL 16.17 Quantum correlations of strongly-coupled emitters inside a nanoantenna-enhanced plasmonic cavity — •Matthias Hensen, Tristan Kenneweg, Tal Heilpern, Stephen K. Gray, and Walter Pfeiffer
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