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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 29: Focussed Session: Metasurfaces I

Mittwoch, 14. März 2018, 15:00–18:30, EW 201

Metasurfaces are optical components, which rely on metamaterials, but are further confined below the wavelength in the direction of light propagation. The ability of metasurfaces to manipulate wavefronts arises fundamentally from the optical responses of the individual nanoparticles that comprise the surface. This response is dominated by the morphological resonances of the particles, which depend on the size, shape, material composition, and environment of the particles. For metal particles the resonances have a plasmonic character, whereas for dielectric particles several Mie-type multipoles can contribute. Such resonances can also lead to strong local optical fields near (metallic) or even inside (dielectric) the particles. Such local-field enhancement is crucial for a number of potential applications of metasurfaces, including nonlinear optics, tunable optics, and sensing.

Organizers: Isabelle Staude and Carsten Ronning (U Jena)

15:00 HL 29.1 Hauptvortrag: Device Applications of Metafilms and Metasurfaces — •Mark Brongersma
15:30 HL 29.2 Hauptvortrag: Harmonic generation and photon management at the nanoscale in AlGaAs nanoantennas — •Costantino De Angelis, Dragomir Neshev, Luca Carletti, Lavinia Ghirardini, Davide Rocco, Valerio Gili, Giovanni Pellegrini, Marco Finazzi, Andrea Locatelli, Ivan Favero, Giuseppe Marino, Michele Celebrano, and Giuseppe Leo
16:00 HL 29.3 Broadband Laguerre-Gaussian Metasurfaces and Direct Phase Mapping — •Alexander Faßbender, Jiří Babocký, and Stefan Linden
16:15 HL 29.4 Manipulation of electric and magnetic dipole emission from Eu3+ with silicon metasurfaces — •Aleksandr Vaskin, Soheila Mashhadi, Natalia Noginova, Katie. E. Chong, Stefan Nanz, Aimi Abass, Ivan Fernandez-Corbaton, Evgenia Rusak, Mikhail A. Noginov, Yuri S. Kivshar, David Keene, Carsten Rockstuhl, Thomas Pertsch, Dragomir Neshev, and Isabelle Staude
  16:30 30 min. break.
17:00 HL 29.5 Hauptvortrag: Meta-optics and functional metasurfaces driven by Mie resonances — •Yuri Kivshar
17:30 HL 29.6 Hauptvortrag: Nonlinear Metasurface Holography — •Thomas Zentgraf
18:00 HL 29.7 Towards actively programmable metasurfaces: Local addressing and fine-tuning of individual nanostructures covered with phase-change material — •Andreas F. Hessler, Ann-Katrin U. Michel, Martin Lewin, Henrik Wördenweber, Julian Hanss, Thomas Kalix, Angela De Rose, Dmitry N. Chigrin, Matthias Wuttig, and Thomas Taubner
18:15 HL 29.8 Sub-wavelength phase coexistence patterning of phase change materials by means of ion irradiation — •Martin Hafermann, Jura Rensberg, and Carsten Ronning
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