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MM: Fachverband Metall- und Materialphysik

MM 27: Poster Session I

Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 18:30–19:45, Poster E

18:30 MM 27.1 Quantitative mapping of transient fields in plasmonic devices employing a novel STEM technique — •Johannes Schultz, Jonas Krehl, Axel Lubk, Darius Pohl, Giulio Guzzinati, Jo Verbeeck, and Tobias König
18:30 MM 27.2 Contacts Between Cu and Sn Nanowires — •Zezhao Chen, Ziyi Wang, Samuel Griffiths, and Guido Schmitz
18:30 MM 27.3 Synthesis of Heterostructured Cu-Ni Nanowires — •Ziyi Wang, Tim Lehmann, Samuel Griffiths, Efi Hadjixenophontos, and Guido Schmitz
18:30 MM 27.4 Nucleation and Growth of Goldnanoparticles — •Felix Bourier, Tobias Redder, Christian Strelow, and Alf Mews
18:30 MM 27.5 Micro-mechanical behavior investigation of nanoporous gold: searching for the size of the structural unit — •Yijuan Wu, Jürgen Markmann, and Erica T Lilleodden
18:30 MM 27.6 Towards 2D Topological Insulator Devices — •Katharina Polyudov, Kristina Vaklinova, Marko Burghard, and Klaus Kern
18:30 MM 27.7 Transparent CdS@TiO2 Nanotextile Photoanode with Boosted Photoelectrocatalytic Efficiency and Stability — •Long Liu, Huaping Zhao, Rui Xu, Shipu Xu, Chenglin Zhang, and Yong Lei
18:30 MM 27.8 Hydrogen interacting with titanium dioxide: ab initio study — •Mohsen Sotoudeh, Marian Bongers, Vladimir Roddatis, Jakub Čížek, Carsten Nowak, Martin Wenderoth, Peter Blöchl, and Astrid Pundt
18:30 MM 27.9 HYDROGEN SORPTION KINETICS IN MgH2 AND TiH2 THIN FILMS — •Efi Hadjixenophontos, Lukas Michalek, Andreas Weigel, Michael Hirscher, and Guido Schmitz
18:30 MM 27.10 Hydride formation in Mg-thin films — •Felix Maischner, Anshu Tyagi, and Astrid Pundt
18:30 MM 27.11 Hydrogen Diffusion in α-Magnesium: Further Investigations into the Influence of Grain Boundaries — •Felix Jung, Magnus Hamm, Jakub Čížek, and Astrid Pundt
18:30 MM 27.12 Dehydrogenation of the hydrogen storage material sodium borohydride — •Maik Szafarska, Georgia Sourkouni - Argirusi, and Wolfgang Maus - Friedrichs
18:30 MM 27.13 Hydrogen induced defects in the palladium/rutile titanium dioxide model system — •Marian David Bongers, Mohsen Sotoudeh, Vladimir Roddatis, Carsten Nowak, Martin Wenderoth, Peter Blöchl, and Astrid Pundt
18:30 MM 27.14 Investigations on degradation effects in SOFC fuel cells — •Hanna-Friederike Poggemann, René Gustus, Georgia Sourkouni, Christos Argirusis, and Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs
18:30 MM 27.15 Role of native oxide layer in silicon anodes for Li/S batteries — •Luca Silvi, Arne Ronneburg, Sebastian Risse, and Matthias Ballauff
18:30 MM 27.16 Microcalorimetric study of aluminum depositon/dissolution in BMIMCl/aluminium chloride ionic liquid — •junjie xu and rolf schuster
18:30 MM 27.17 Computational thermodynamics: Meaningful phase diagrams without experimental input? — •Sebastian Schwalbe, Kai Trepte, and Jens Kortus
18:30 MM 27.18 Examination of the partial electronic conductivity of mixed ionic and electronic conducting secondary particles — •Janis K. Eckhardt, Markus S. Friedrich, Simon Burkhardt, Limei Chen, Matthias T. Elm, and Peter J. Klar
18:30 MM 27.19 Hydrothermal Synthesis and Functionalization of LiFexMn1−xPO4 for Li-Ion Batteries — •Rouven Zeus, Elisa Thauer, and Rüdiger Klingeler
18:30 MM 27.20 TiO2 inverse opals as high-performance sodium-ion battery anodes — •Yang Xu, Min Zhou, Chenglin Zhang, Liying Liang, and Yong Lei
18:30 MM 27.21 Concept to describe grain boundary properties depending on misorientation and inclination — •Volker Mohles and Adrian A. Schratt
18:30 MM 27.22 Mechanical properties of deformed and undeformed model glass former — •Mehrdad Golkia, Gaurav Shrivastav, and Jürgen Horbach
18:30 MM 27.23 Interatomic interaction governed structural and dynamical evolution in La-based glasses and melts — •Zheng Wang and Konrad Samwer
18:30 MM 27.24 Structural Study of the Metal Induced Crystallization of Silicon — •Max Stöber, Charaf Cherkouk, Slawomir Prucnal, Marcel Neubert, Claudia Funke, and Dirk C. Meyer
  18:30 MM 27.25 The contribution has been withdrawn.
18:30 MM 27.26 Grain boundary morphologies in nanocrystalline Pd90Au10 go fractal: a simulation study of the growth kinetics — •Raphael Zeller, Christian Braun, Mingyan Wang, Rainer Birringer, and Carl E. Krill III
18:30 MM 27.27 Deviation of Ti-Al-N composition during APT analysis of Ti0.4Al0.6N — •Tim Lehmann, Patrick Stender, Guido Schmitz, and Wolfgang Engelhart
18:30 MM 27.28 Vacancy concentrations in quenched aluminium alloy AA7150 measured by a new fast scanning calorimetry and interrupted quenching method — •Bin Yang and Christoph Schick
18:30 MM 27.29 Miniaturisation of reactively wetting SnPb micro-solder on Cu and Ni capillary tracks — •Samuel Griffiths, Patcharawee Jantimapornkij, and Guido Schmitz
18:30 MM 27.30 Impact of UV light on the mechanical properties of collagen fibrils probed by Raman spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy — •Marcus Schulze, Annika Stocker, Melanie Rogge, and Robert Stark
18:30 MM 27.31 Subsurface Imaging of magnetic nanoparticles and measurement of nanomechanical properties of polymers and biological materials by bimodal atomic force microscopy. — •Lukas Stühn and Christian Dietz
18:30 MM 27.32 Mechanical properties of 3D printed polymer-metal hybrid materials using FDM technologySusanna Fafenrot, Nils Grimmelsmann, Martin Wortmann, and •Andrea Ehrmann
18:30 MM 27.33 Functional Principles of Nanostructured Particles as an Industrial Lubrication Oil Additive — •Alexander Beel, Katja Tönsing, and Dario Anselmetti
18:30 MM 27.34 Mechanical Control of Atomic-Scale Transistors — •Florian Wertz, Torben Staiger, Fangqing Xie, Marcel Heinze, Philipp Schmieder, Christian Lutzweiler, and Thomas Schimmel
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