Berlin 2018 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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SYSD: Symposium SKM Dissertation-Prize 2018

SYSD 1: SKM Dissertation-Prize 2018

SYSD 1.3: Hauptvortrag

Montag, 12. März 2018, 11:40–12:00, HE 101

Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman? The breakdown of diagrammatic perturbation theory — •Thomas Schäfer1,2,3, Alessandro Toschi1, and Karsten Held11TU Wien, Vienna, Austria — 2Collège de France, Paris, France — 3École polytechnique, CNRS, Palaiseau, France

Strongly correlated electron systems exhibit some of the most fascinating phenomena of condensed matter physics. Beyond the famous example of the Mott-Hubbard metal-to-insulator transition and the occurrence of classical phase transitions like magnetic and charge ordering as well as superconductivity, quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated systems are currently under intense research. While Feynman diagrammatic-based techniques are successfully exploited in the forefront method developments for the description of these phenomena in correlated materials, only very recently theoretical manifestations of the breakdown of diagrammatic expansions have been unveiled and analyzed.

In this talk, I will take you on a journey through the highly dangerous regions of one of the most important and fundamental model systems in condensed matter physics, the Hubbard model. Together, by applying cutting edge field theoretical methods, we will experience the consequences of Kohn anomalies in three dimensions on quantum criticality, witness the murder of the Mott-Hubbard transition in two dimensions and look directly into the watchful eyes of the dragons guarding the gates to strong electronic correlations.

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