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SYTO: Symposium Topology in Condensed Matter Physics

SYTO 1: Topology in Condensed Matter Physics

Mittwoch, 14. März 2018, 09:30–12:15, H 0105

Topology has developed into a main organising principle in the classification and characterisation of condensed matter systems. Since the discovery of topological insulators about ten years ago, topological condensed matter physics has been a very fast developing field. It has become clear that topology manifests itself in many different ways and in a diverse set of physical systems. This symposium brings together some of the leading experts in theory and experiment that focus on topological aspects of electronic band structures, of magnons in magnetic systems, in mechanical materials and in the semiconductors that exhibit the fractional quantum Hall effect.

This Symposium is part of a more general "FOCUS ON TOPOLOGY", for details see the individual program parts of HL, MA and TT.

09:30 SYTO 1.1 Hauptvortrag: Beyond Topologically Ordered States: Insights from Entanglement — •B. Andrei Bernevig
10:00 SYTO 1.2 Hauptvortrag: Topological Magnon MaterialsAlexander Mook, Jürgen Henk, and •Ingrid Mertig
10:30 SYTO 1.3 Hauptvortrag: Topological Order of Interacting Polymers on a Substrate — •Vincenzo Vitelli
  11:00 15 min. break.
11:15 SYTO 1.4 Hauptvortrag: Quantization of Heat Flow in Fractional Quantum Hall States — •Moty Heiblum
11:45 SYTO 1.5 Hauptvortrag: Currents and Phases in Quantum Rings — •Kathryn Moler
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