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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 91: Correlated Electrons: Method Development

Donnerstag, 15. März 2018, 15:00–18:15, H 0104

15:00 TT 91.1 Changes in fRG critical scales due to frequency-dependence in a two-patch model — •Timo Reckling and Carsten Honerkamp
15:15 TT 91.2 Full frequency and momentum parametrization of the two-particle vertex in functional RG for fermionic lattice models — •Cornelia Hille, Agnese Tagliavini, Alessandro Toschi, Sabine Andergassen, and Carsten Honerkamp
15:30 TT 91.3 Phase transitions with a fully consistent second order functional renormalization group scheme — •Lisa Markhof, Björn Sbierski, Volker Meden, and Christoph Karrasch
15:45 TT 91.4 Truncated unity functional renormalization group for multiband systems with spin-orbit coupling — •Giulio Schober, Jannis Ehrlich, Timo Reckling, and Carsten Honerkamp
16:00 TT 91.5 Charge dynamics of the antiferromagnetically ordered Mott insulator — •Xing-Jie Han, Yu Liu, Zhi-Yuan Liu, Xin Li, Jing Chen, Hai-Jun Liao, Zhi-Yuan Xie, B Normand, and Tao Xiang
16:15 TT 91.6 Efficient Bethe-Salpeter equations’ inversion in dynamical mean-field theory — •Agnese Tagliavini, Stefan Hummel, Nils Wentzell, Sabine Andergassen, Alessandro Toschi, and Georg Rohringer
16:30 TT 91.7 Fractional quantum Hall effect in the interacting Hofstadter model via tensor networksMatthias Gerster, •Matteo Rizzi, Pietro Silvi, Marcello Dalmonte, and Simone Montangero
  16:45 15 min. break.
17:00 TT 91.8 Identifying the pairing mechanism in strontium ruthenate via renormalization — •Mario Fink and Ronny Thomale
17:15 TT 91.9 Applications of time-dependent full configuration interaction quantum monte carlo — •Kai Guther, Werner Dobrautz, Olle Gunnarsson, and Ali Alavi
17:30 TT 91.10 Having Monte Carlo decide which part of the weight to calculate: eigenstates-sampling in CTQMC — •Alexander Kowalski, Andreas Hausoel, Patrik Gunacker, and Giorgio Sangiovanni
17:45 TT 91.11 Hybrid quantum Monte Carlo simulations of the two dimensional half-filled Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) model — •Stefan Beyl, Martin Hohenadler, Florian Goth, and Fakher F. Assaad
18:00 TT 91.12 Functional renormalisation group for quantum critical metals in d=2 — •Matthew Trott and Chris Hooley
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