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P: Fachverband Plasmaphysik

P 11: Helmholtz Graduate School - Poster

Dienstag, 6. März 2018, 16:15–18:15, Redoutensaal

16:15 P 11.1 Investigation of the pump-out effect by resonant magnetic perturbations in ASDEX Upgrade — •Nils Leuthold, Wolfgang Suttrop, Matthias Willensdorfer, Marco Cavedon, Mike Dunne, Luis Gil, Luis Guimarais, the ASDEX Upgrade Team, and the MST1 Team
16:15 P 11.2 Towards nonlinear simulations of full ELM cycles — •Andres Cathey, Matthias Hoelzl, and Francois Orain
16:15 P 11.3 Energy-conserving Implicit Time Discretisation for the GEMPIC Framework — •Benedikt Perse, Katharina Kormann, and Eric Sonnendrücker
16:15 P 11.4 Trot and Tvib determination in a CO2 plasma — •Federico Antonio D’Isa, E. Carbone, A. Hecimovic, S. Gaiser, A. Schulz, M. Walker, S. Soldatov, G. Link, J. Jelonnek, N. Britun, and Ursel Fantz
16:15 P 11.5 Beam asymmetry and homogeneity characterization at the large negative ion source ELISE — •Isabella Mario, Dirk Wünderlich, Ursel Fantz, and Federica Bonomo
16:15 P 11.6 Magnetic field configurations for reducing co-extracted electrons from an ITER NBI relevant ion source. — •Ivar Mauricio Montellano, S. Mochalskyy, D. Wünderlich, and U. Fantz
16:15 P 11.7 Spectral discretization for the Vlasov Equation — •Anna Yurova and Katharina Kormann
16:15 P 11.8 Investigation of optically grey electron cyclotron harmonics in Wendelstein 7-X — •Neha Chaudhary, Matthias Hirsch, Hans Oosterbeek, Robert Wolf, and W7-X Team
16:15 P 11.9 Characterisation of the Wendelstein 7-X divertor plasma with Langmuir probes — •Lukas Rudischhauser, Kenneth Charles Hammond, Michael Endler, Boyd Douglas Blackwell, and the W-7X Team
16:15 P 11.10 Radial Electric Field Studies in the Near Scrape-off Layer of ASDEX Upgrade using Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy — •Ulrike Plank, Thomas Pütterich, Marco Cavedon, Michael Griener, Eleonora Viezzer, Ulrich Stroth, and ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.11 Semi-Lagrangian drift-kinetic simulations in toroidal geometries — •Edoardo Zoni, Yaman Güçlü, and Eric Sonnendrücker
16:15 P 11.12 ELM heat loads on the ASDEX Upgrade divertor in high density discharges — •Davide Silvagni, Thomas Eich, Michael Faitsch, Bernhard Sieglin, Dominik Brida, Pierre David, and ASDEX Upgrade team
16:15 P 11.13 Assessment of particle and heat loads to the upper open divertor in ASDEX Upgrade and comparison with SOLPS simulations — •Ivan Paradela Perez, Mathias Groth, Andrea Scarabosio, and ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.14 SOLPS Modeling of Partially Detached Plasmas in ASDEX Upgrade — •Ferdinand Hitzler, Marco Wischmeier, Felix Reimold, Matthias Bernert, Xavier Bonnin, Arne Kallenbach, the ASDEX Upgrade Team, and the EUROfusion MST1 Team
16:15 P 11.15 The bolometer diagnostic at the stellarator Wendelstein 7-X — •Philipp Hacker, Daihong Zhang, Rainer Burhenn, Birger Buttenschön, Thomas Klinger, and W7-X Team
16:15 P 11.16 Calibration and Operation of the Soft X-ray Tomography System (XMCTS) and the Mirnov Diagnostic in the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator — •Natalie Lauf, Christian Brandt, Kian Rahbarnia, Henning Thomsen, Jonathan Schilling, Torsten Broszat, Alexander Card, Ralph Laube, Mirko Marquardt, Timo Schröder, Torsten Bluhm, Tamara Andreeva, Ulrich Neuner, Manfred Zilker, and the W7X Team
16:15 P 11.17 Core temperature collapses driven by ECCD at W7-X stellarator — •Marco Zanini, Heinrich Laqua, Torsten Stange, Robert Wolf, and W7-X Team
16:15 P 11.18 Power balance analysis of the geodesic acoustic modes. — •Ivan Novikau, Alessandro Biancalani, Alberto Bottino, Garrard D. Conway, Peter Manz, Pierre Morel, Özgür D. Gürcan, and Emanuele Poli
16:15 P 11.19 Deep Learning for Plasma Diagnostics — •Francisco Matos, Florian Hendrich, Frank Jenko, and Tomas Odstrcil
16:15 P 11.20 Minerva neural network based surrogate models for real time inference of ion temperature profiles at Wendelstein 7-X — •Andrea Pavone, Jakob Svensson, Andreas Langenberg, Novimir Pablant, Robert C. Wolf, and W7-X team
16:15 P 11.21 Hybrid drift kinetic electron - kinetic ion computations for electrostatic fluctuations in astrophysical plasmas — •Karen Pommois, Simon Lautenbac, Daniel Told, and Rainer Grauer
16:15 P 11.22 Gyrokinetics of electron-positron plasmas — •Daniel Kennedy, Alexey Mishchenko, and Per Helander
16:15 P 11.23 Dependence of small Edge Localized Modes on Plasma Parameters — •G. F. Harrer, E. Wolfrum, T. Eich, M. G. Dunne, P. Manz, P. T. Lang, H. Meyer, M. Bernert, B. Labit, G. Birkenmeier, J. Stober, F. Aumayr, the EUROFUSION MST1 Team, and the ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.24 An algorithm for stellarator coil optimization that takes engineering tolerances into account — •Jim-Felix Lobsien, Michael Drevlak, Thomas Sunn Pedersen, and W7-X Team
16:15 P 11.25 First results of the Coherence Imaging Spectroscopy Systems on Wendelstein 7-X — •Valeria Perseo, Ralf Koenig, Oliver Ford, Dorothea Gradic, Florian Effenberg, Christoph Biedermann, Gabor Kocsis, Thomas Sunn Pedersen, and W7-X Team
16:15 P 11.26 First gas balance studies of Wendelstein 7-X — •Georg Schlisio, Uwe Wenzel, Thomas Sunn Pedersen, and W7X Team
16:15 P 11.27 Analysis and Modelling of Neon Seeded JET Discharges with High Radiative Power Fraction — •Stephan Glöggler, Marco Wischmeier, and JET Contributors
16:15 P 11.28 SOLPS modelling for future snowflake- and X-divertor configurations in ASDEX Upgrade — •Ou Pan, Tilmann Lunt, Marco Wischmeier, David Coster, and The ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.29 Fast-ion transport study in the plasma periphery of ASDEX Upgrade using FIDA spectroscopy — •A. Jansen van Vuuren, B. Geiger, P.A. Schneider, A. Jacobsen, T. Lunt, and The ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.30 Integrated modelling of tokamak plasma confinement combining core and edge pedestal physics — •Teobaldo Luda, Clemente Angioni, Mike Dunne, Emiliano Fable, Giovanni Tardini, Francois Ryter, and ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.31 Experimental Characterisation of Parametric Decay Instabilities at ASDEX Upgrade — •Søren Kjer Hansen, Stefan Kragh Nielsen, Jörg Stober, Jesper Rasmussen, Morten Stejner, and The ASDEX Upgrade Team
16:15 P 11.32 Impurity studies with Charge Exchange Spectroscopy on W7-X — •Lilla Vanó, Juergen Baldzuhn, Oliver Ford, Robert C Wolf, and the W7-X team
16:15 P 11.33 Relaxation of fluid theories by metriplectic dynamics: a method based on a generalization of the Landau collision operator — •Camilla Bressan, Michael Kraus, Philip James Morrison, and Omar Maj
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