Aachen 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 14: Elektroschwache Wechselwirkung

Montag, 25. März 2019, 16:00–18:35, S14

16:00 T 14.1 Gruppenbericht: Evidence for electroweak triboson production with the ATLAS detector at LHCCarlo A. Gottardo, Sebastian Heer, Vadim Kostyukhin, Ö. Oğul Öncel, Keshava Prasad, Andrea Sciandra, and •Markus Cristinziani
16:20 T 14.2 Testing the lepton universality in the W-boson decay with the ATLAS detectorPhilip Bechtle, Klaus Desch, Andreas Düdder, •Philipp König, and Matthias Schott
16:35 T 14.3 Observation and measurement of the electroweak W±W±jj process with the ATLAS detector — •Giulia Gonella and Karsten Köneke
16:50 T 14.4 Observations of massive gauge boson scattering in the like-charged WWjj final state and the WZjj final state with the ATLAS detector at the LHC — •Tim Herrmann, Carsten Bittrich, Stefanie Todt, Franziska Iltzsche, Abhishek Nag, Joany Manjarres, and Michael Kobel
  17:05 T 14.5 The contribution has been withdrawn.
17:20 T 14.6 Approaching the Schwinger Critical Field with the LUXE experiment — •Marius Hoffmann and Beate Heinemann
17:35 T 14.7 Probing anomalous quartic gauge couplings at the International Linear Collider — •Jakob Beyer, Michael Kobel, and Jenny List
17:50 T 14.8 Study of anomalous gauge couplings using WZ channel in ATLAS — •Lilly Wuest
18:05 T 14.9 Measurement of the charged-current Drell-Yan differential cross-section at high transverse masses at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detectorFrank Ellinghaus, •Frederic Schröder, and Christian Zeitnitz
18:20 T 14.10 Towards detecting new physics with photon-photon collisions with the ATLAS Forward Proton (AFP) detectorVlasios Petousis and •André Sopczak
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