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FM: Fall Meeting

FM 24: Quantum Sensing: Entanglement and Beyond Shot Noise

FM 24.1: Talk

Montag, 23. September 2019, 16:30–16:45, 3044

Entanglement Enhanced Quantum Microscopy — •Raphael Nold, Joel Schmidt, Tobias Linkewitz, Florian Kaiser, and Jörg Wrachtrup — 3. Physikalisches Institut Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

In metrology, interferometers are widely used for precision measurements. The sensitivity of interferometers with classical light is limited by the shot noise. To overcome this classical standard quantum limit one can make use quantum correlated particles. However, the associated detection schemes are generally very complex and slow. To overcome those issues, we present a nonlinear two-photon interferometer were photons pairs are produced by a PPKTP down converting crystal. By passing through this crystal two times we entangle two paths, which leads to interference in the signal-photon intensity (instead of the ordinary photon pair interference). We exploit the associated measurement speed advantage to investigate the possibility of an entanglement enhanced quantum microscope for cell analysis. Our goal is to enhance hereby the signal to noise ratio beyond the classical limitation.

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