München 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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P: Fachverband Plasmaphysik

P 18: Postersitzung

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Donnerstag, 21. März 2019, 16:30–18:30, Foyer Audimax

The Influence of Electrical Properties of Wood on Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma treatments at atmospheric conditions — •Bahram Mahdavipour1, Sebastian Dahle2,3, and Jens Oberrath11Institute of Product and Process Innovation, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany — 2Clausthal Center for Material Technology, Clausthal University of Technology, Leibnizstr. 9, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany — 3Department of Wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Jamnikarjeva 101, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The plasma treatment of wood surfaces in atmospheric conditions is a well-known and researched processing technique. For all types of materials, the properties of their surfaces change with time. Thus, due to wood surface exposure to weather, wood color and other properties change. Plasma treatments improve the wettability and compatibility for both fresh wood surfaces and wood surfaces after exposure to weathering. Most DBD plasma treatment of wood-based materials are conducted as direct cold atmospheric plasma (diCAP) treatment rather than using remote plasmas or jets. However, many internal properties of wooden materials have an impact on the plasma parameters and thus on the results of the surface treatments. This study focuses on the electrical conductivity and dielectric constant of wood as well as the electrical field penetration in fresh wood and dried wood texture. These provide good conclusions on the behavior of wooden substrates during plasma treatment in floating electrode and gliding discharge-type DBD configurations.

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