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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 16: Dynamics of multilayer networks I (joint session SOE/BP/DY)

Mittwoch, 3. April 2019, 09:30–12:00, H17

Recently, multilayer networks have been suggested to offer a better representation of the topology and dynamics of real-world systems in comparison with isolated one-layer structures. The prime objective of multiplex networks is to explore multiple levels of interactions where functions of one layer get affected by the properties of other layers. One of the most promising applications of the multilayer approach is the study of the brain, or technological interdependent systems, i.e., those systems in which the correct functioning of one of them strongly depends on the status of the others. The purpose of this focus session is to bring together researchers working on multilayer networks and to share recent ideas and results in the field. (The sessions Dynamics of Multilayer Networks I + II have been organized by Anna Zakharova and Sarika Jalan.)

09:30 BP 16.1 Topical Talk: Inhibition induced explosive synchronization in multiplex network — •Sarika Jalan
10:00 BP 16.2 Topical Talk: Percolation on multi-layer networks — •Filippo Radicchi
  10:30 15 min. break
10:45 BP 16.3 Topical Talk: Mean field phase synchronization across multilayer networks in chimera states — •Ralph Gregor Andrzejak, Giulia Ruzzene, Kaspar Schindler, Eckehard Schöll, and Anna Zakharova
11:15 BP 16.4 Weak multiplexing induces coherence resonance — •Nadezhda Semenova and Anna Zakharova
11:30 BP 16.5 Topical Talk: Relay synchronization in multiplex networks — •Inmaculada Leyva, Irene Sendina-Nadal, Ricardo Sevilla-Escoboza, and Victor Vera-Avila
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