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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 21: Biopolymers, biomaterials and bioinspired functional materials (joint session CPP/BP)

Mittwoch, 3. April 2019, 15:45–18:30, H13

15:45 BP 21.1 Hauptvortrag: Many Weak Interactions Make a Difference - from Fuzzy Biomolecular Self Assembly to Superselectivity — •Ralf Richter
16:15 BP 21.2 DNA crookedness regulates DNA mechanical properties at short length scales — •J.G. Vilhena, Alberto Marin-Gonzalez, Fernando Moreno-Herrero, and Ruben Perez
16:30 BP 21.3 Fast and on demand mussle-inspired adhesives by enzymatic polymerization of decapetides — •Maximilian Seuss, Justus Horsch, Patrick Wilke, Matthias Pretzler, Inga Melnyk, Dario Remmler, Annette Rompel, Hans G. Börner, and Andreas Fery
16:45 BP 21.4 Inequivalence of fixed-force and fixed-extension statistical ensembles for a flexible polymer tethered to a planar substrate — •Panayotis Benetatos and Sandipan Dutta
  17:00 15 min. break
17:15 BP 21.5 Transverse viscoelastic properties of cellulose fibers investigated by atomic force microscopy — •Caterina Czibula, Christian Ganser, Ulrich Hirn, and Christian Teichert
17:30 BP 21.6 Elastic-Plastic Transition of Filament Networks — •Fanlong Meng and Eugene Terentjev
17:45 BP 21.7 Permanent Damage in Reversible Cross-linked Fiber Bundles — •Huzaifa Shabbir and Markus Hartmann
18:00 BP 21.8 Capabilities of photoresists based on polysaccharides for Direct LaserWriting — •Marie-Christin Heep, Agnes Koerfer, Maximilian Rothammer, Cordt Zollfrank, and Georg von Freymann
18:15 BP 21.9 Towards an artificial human nail plate — •Kim Thomann, Andreas Späth, and Rainer H. Fink
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