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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 35: Plasmonics III (joint session O/CPP)

Mittwoch, 3. April 2019, 10:30–13:15, H8

10:30 CPP 35.1 Plasmon-assisted resonant electron tunneling in a scanning tunneling microscope junctionShuyi Liu, Martin Wolf, and •Takashi Kumagai
10:45 CPP 35.2 Investigation of plasmon assisted light emission from heteroepitaxial system of Co islands on Cu(111) by scanning tunneling microscopy — •Vibhuti Rai, Kevin Edelmann, Lars Wilmes, Lukas Gerhard, and Wulf Wulfhekel
11:00 CPP 35.3 Photon super-bunching from a metal-metal tunnel junctionChristopher C. Leon, Anna Rosławska, •Abhishek Grewal, Olle Gunnarsson, Klaus Kuhnke, and Klaus Kern
11:15 CPP 35.4 Simulating ultrashort light pulses in STM tunnel junctions — •Alexander Neef, Dominik Peller, Rupert Huber, and Jascha Repp
11:30 CPP 35.5 Advances with Attosecond Electron Pulse Trains in Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscopy — •Thomas Rittmann, Katharina E. Priebe, Christopher Rathje, Sascha Schäfer, Sergey V. Yalunin, Thorsten Hohage, Armin Feist, and Claus Ropers
11:45 CPP 35.6 A versatile setup utilizing shaped optical pulses and time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy to disentangle the ultrafast local response of nanostructured surface systems — •Sebastian Pres, Bernhard Huber, Daniel Fersch, Enno Krauss, Daniel Friedrich, Victor Lisinetskii, Matthias Hensen, Bert Hecht, and Tobias Brixner
12:00 CPP 35.7 Dynamic imaging of plasmonic nanostructures with an ultrafast point-projection electron microscope — •Germann Hergert, Andreas Wöste, Jan Vogelsang, Dong Wang, Petra Groß, and Christoph Lienau
12:15 CPP 35.8 Quantum Pathway Interference between Surface Plasmon Polariton and Photon — •David Janoschka, Pascal Dreher, Michael Horn- von Hoegen, and Frank J. Meyer zu Heringdorf
12:30 CPP 35.9 Revealing local mode dynamics within a plasmonic nanoslit cavity by time-resolved photoemission electron microscopyBernhard Huber, Daniel Friedrich, Enno Krauss, Sebastian Pres, Philipp Grimm, Daniel Fersch, Julian Lüttig, Victor Lisinetskii, •Matthias Hensen, Bert Hecht, and Tobias Brixner
12:45 CPP 35.10 Direct optical excitation of dark plasmons for hot electron generation. — •Dominik Höing, Niclas Müller, Florian Schulz, Stephanie Reich, and Holger Lange
13:00 CPP 35.11 Angle-resolved plasmoemission from strong SPP fields — •Pascal Dreher, David Janoschka, Michael Horn-von Hoegen, and Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf
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