Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 18: Fluid physics and turbulence

Dienstag, 2. April 2019, 10:00–13:00, H20

10:00 DY 18.1 Hauptvortrag: Bursting, amplitude explosions and mixed mode oscillations at the onset of shear flow turbulence — •Björn Hof, Chaitanya Paranjape, Yohann Duguet, Vasudevan Mukund, and Nazmi B Budanur
10:30 DY 18.2 Annihilation of Point Defect Pairs in Fluid Films — •Amine Missaoui, Kirsten Harth, and Stannarius Ralf
10:45 DY 18.3 Long-wave analysis of liquid meniscus driven by surface acoustic waves — •Kevin David Joachim Mitas, Ofer Manor, and Uwe Thiele
11:00 DY 18.4 Investigation of different transition phenomena on airfoils by means of infrared thermography and PIV — •Enno Bösenberg, Tom T. B. Wester, Dominik Traphan, Gerd Gülker, and Joachim Peinke
11:15 DY 18.5 Transitions between large-scale flow states in turbulent 3D Kolmogorov flow — •Cristian C Lalescu and Michael Wilczek
  11:30 15 min. break
11:45 DY 18.6 Power-law scaling of friction in pipe flow — •Jose M. Lopez, Davide Scarselli, Balachandra Suri, and Bjoern Hof
12:00 DY 18.7 Drop dynamic due to condensation and evaporation in a thin Rayleigh-Bénard cell — •Stephan Weiss, Prasanth Prabhakaran, Alexei Krekhov, and Eberhard Bodenschatz
12:15 DY 18.8 Laboratory Study of the Bottleneck Effect in ultra-strong Turbulence — •Christian Küchler, Gregory P. Bewley, and Eberhard Bodenschatz
12:30 DY 18.9 Turbulence in precessing flows — •Andreas Tilgner and Oliver Goepfert
  12:45 DY 18.10 The contribution has been moved to DY 18.7.
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