Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 11: Focus: Advanced TEM spectroscopy - low energy excitations and chemical composition at high resolution (joint session KFM/HL)

Montag, 1. April 2019, 15:00–18:40, PHY 5.0.20

The recent progress in transmission electron microscope (TEM) based spectroscopies in terms of spatial, temporal and spectral resolution allows to address new regimes of electronic and vibrational excitations and therefore widened our understanding of condensed matter. This session focuses on recent developments and applications of spectroscopy techniques in the TEM, in particular electron energy loss spectroscopy in the low-loss regime for optical properties and core-loss regime for chemical analysis, at both atomic and medium resolution. Moreover, contributions on ultrafast techniques as well as energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, hardware and technique developments, theory and simulation and data processing will be discussed.

Organizer and Chair: Axel Lubk (IFW Dresden)

15:00 HL 11.1 Hauptvortrag: Fifteen years of electron magnetic circular dichroism — •Ján Rusz
15:30 HL 11.2 Spectral Field Mapping of Surface Plasmon Resonances using High Energy Electrons — •Jonas Krehl, Giulio Guzzinati, Johannes Schultz, Pavel Potapov, Jerome Martin, Jo Verbeeck, Bernd Büchner, and Axel Lubk
15:50 HL 11.3 Automatic Truncation of Principal Components in the PCA Analysis of EELS and EDX Spectrum-Images — •Pavel Potapov, Paolo Longo, and Axel Lubk
16:10 HL 11.4 Synthesis and high-resolution structural and chemical analysis of iron-manganese-oxide core-shell nanoparticles — •Aladin Ullrich, Mohammad Mostafizar Rahman, and Siegfried Horn
16:30 HL 11.5 How sharp are atomically sharp interfaces in complex functional oxide heterostructures? — •Peter A. van Aken
  16:50 Break 20 min
17:10 HL 11.6 Hauptvortrag: Advanced Imaging and Spectroscopy in an Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope — •Armin Feist
17:40 HL 11.7 Spectroscopic coincidence experiments in Transmission Electron Microscopy — •Daen Jannis, Knut Müller-Caspary, Armand Béché, Andreas Oelsner, and Jo Verbeeck
18:00 HL 11.8 High-resolution EFTEM at very low accelerating voltages — •Martin Linck, Michael Mohn, Johannes Biskupek, Heiko Müller, Stephan Uhlemann, and Max Haider
18:20 HL 11.9 Plasmonics in topological insulators — •Johannes Schultz, Axel Lubk, Flavio Nogueira, Darius Pohl, and Bernd Büchner
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