Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

So, 16:00–18:15 H4 HL 1: Tutorial: Resistive Switching: From basic physics of memristive devices to neuromorphic systems (joint session HL/TUT)
Mo, 09:30–13:30 H31 HL 2: Nitrides: Devices
Mo, 09:30–12:00 H33 HL 3: Semiconductor lasers and Photonic crystals
Mo, 09:30–12:45 H34 HL 4: Focus Session: Oxide Semiconductors for Novel Devices I (joint session HL/DS)
Mo, 09:30–13:30 H36 HL 5: Topological insulators
Mo, 12:15–12:45 H33 HL 6: Invited talk Bertram
Mo, 15:00–17:15 H31 HL 7: Organic photovoltaics and electronics (joint session HL/CPP)
Mo, 15:00–17:30 H33 HL 8: Transport and theory of electronic structure
Mo, 15:00–17:30 H34 HL 9: Focus Session: Oxide Semiconductors for Novel Devices II
Mo, 15:00–17:15 H36 HL 10: Quantum information systems
Mo, 15:00–18:40 PHY 5.0.20 HL 11: Focus: Advanced TEM spectroscopy - low energy excitations and chemical composition at high resolution (joint session KFM/HL)
Mo, 17:30–20:00 Poster E HL 12: HL Poster I
Di, 09:30–12:45 H31 HL 13: Focus Session: GaN-based single photon emitters
Di, 09:30–13:15 H32 HL 14: PhD-Symposium: Photoluminescence of halide perovskites:
What does it tell us and what not? (joint session DS/HL/AKjDPG)
Di, 09:30–11:15 H33 HL 15: Energy materials (other than photovoltaics)
Di, 09:30–13:15 H34 HL 16: Focus Session: Oxide Semiconductors for Novel Devices III
Di, 09:30–13:00 H36 HL 17: Two-dimensional Materials I (joint session HL/CPP)
Di, 09:30–12:00 PHY 5.0.20 HL 18: Diamond I (joint session KFM/HL)
Di, 11:30–12:45 H33 HL 19: Thermoelectricity
Di, 14:00–15:30 H31 HL 20: Optical Properties
Di, 14:00–15:30 H33 HL 21: Quantum Nanophotonics in Solid State Systems
Di, 14:00–15:45 H34 HL 22: Quantum dots and wires: Transport properties
Di, 14:00–15:45 H36 HL 23: Two-dimensional Materials II: graphene (joint session HL/CPP)
Mi, 09:30–13:00 H31 HL 24: Nitrides: Preparation and characterization I
Mi, 09:30–12:00 H33 HL 25: Group IV (other than C): Si/Ge/SiC
Mi, 09:30–13:00 H34 HL 26: Focus Session: Quantum light sources for applications in quantum communication networks
Mi, 09:30–13:00 H36 HL 27: Two-dimensional Materials III (joint session HL/CPP)
Mi, 09:30–11:30 PHY 5.0.20 HL 28: Diamond II (joint session KFM/HL)
Mi, 09:30–12:10 H47 HL 29: Microscopy, Tomography and Spectroscopy with X-ray Photons, Electrons, Ions and Positrons (joint session KFM/HL)
Mi, 12:15–12:45 H33 HL 30: Invited talk Fomin
Mi, 15:00–17:15 H31 HL 31: Nitrides: Preparation and characterization II
Mi, 15:00–17:30 H33 HL 32: Spintronics
Mi, 15:00–17:30 H34 HL 33: Quantum light sources
Mi, 15:00–17:30 H36 HL 34: Photovoltaics (joint session HL/CPP)
Mi, 17:30–20:00 Poster E HL 35: HL Poster II
Do, 09:30–13:00 H31 HL 36: II-VI- and III-V-semiconductors
Do, 09:30–12:45 H32 HL 37: Focus Session: Growth, Properties and Application of Epitaxial Graphene (joint session DS/HL/O)
Do, 09:30–11:15 H33 HL 38: Organic semiconductors
Do, 09:30–12:45 H34 HL 39: Quantum dots and wires: Optical properties I
Do, 09:30–13:00 H36 HL 40: Perovskite and Hybrid Photovolatics I (joint session HL/CPP)
Do, 15:00–17:15 H31 HL 41: Heterostructures, interfaces, and surfaces
Do, 15:00–17:15 H34 HL 42: Quantum dots and wires: Preparation and characterization
Do, 15:00–17:30 H36 HL 43: Perovskite and Hybrid Photovolatics II (joint session HL/CPP)
Do, 17:30–18:30 H34 HL 44: Annual General Meeting of the Semiconductor Physics Division
Do, 18:30–21:00 Poster E HL 45: HL Posters III
Fr, 09:30–12:45 H31 HL 46: Ultra-fast phenomena
Fr, 09:30–13:00 H34 HL 47: Quantum dots and wires: Optical properties II
Fr, 09:30–13:00 H36 HL 48: Two-dimensional Materials IV (joint session HL/CPP)
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