Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 39: Quantum dots and wires: Optical properties I

Donnerstag, 4. April 2019, 09:30–12:45, H34

09:30 HL 39.1 Full photon statistics for superradiant quantum-dot-microcavity lasers via the Monte Carlo wave-function method — •Sergej Neumeier and Jan Wiersig
09:45 HL 39.2 An information theoretical approach to the many-particle hierarchy problem: application to quantum dot microcavity lasers — •Boris Melcher, Boris Gulyak, and Jan Wiersig
10:00 HL 39.3 Carrier dynamics and modulation properties in tunnel-injection based quantum-dot structures — •Michael Lorke, Stephan Michael, Igor Khanonkin, Gadi Eisenstein, and Frank Jahnke
10:15 HL 39.4 Exploring excited electronic states in QDs by spatially structured laser beams - a theoretical investigation — •Matthias Holtkemper, Doris E. Reiter, and Tilmann Kuhn
  10:30 HL 39.5 The contribution has been withdrawn.
10:45 HL 39.6 Interpreting ensemble photoluminescence of InAs quantum dots coupled to a Fermi reservoir — •Alexander Rolf Korsch, Giang Nam Nguyen, Marcel Schmidt, Carsten Ebler, Sascha René Valentin, Pia Lochner, Charlotte Rothfuchs, Andreas Dirk Wieck, and Arne Ludwig
  11:00 15 min. break
  11:15 HL 39.7 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of HL 39.6).
11:30 HL 39.8 Ultrasensitive, high spectral resolution photocurrent detection of QDs excitons — •Sebastian Krehs, Alex Widhalm, Björn Jonas, Nand Lal Sharma, Dirk Reuter, and Artur Zrenner
11:45 HL 39.9 Hot carrier cooling dynamics in PbS quantum dots - The influence of surface termination — •Emanuele Minutella, Nuri Yazdani, Vanessa Wood, and Holger Lange
12:00 HL 39.10 Capacitance-Voltage spectroscopy on Quantum Dots as sensor for trap charge density — •Giang Nam Nguyen, Alexander Rolf Korsch, Carsten Ebler, Marcel Schmidt, Pia Lochner, Fabian Brinks, Andreas Dirk Wieck, and Arne Ludwig
  12:15 HL 39.11 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of HL 39.6).
  12:30 HL 39.12 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of HL 39.6).
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