Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 18: Poster Monday: Nanostructures

Montag, 1. April 2019, 17:45–20:00, Poster F

17:45 O 18.1 Theoretical investigation of H adsorption at the Si(557)-Au surface — •Ferdinand Ziese, Kirs Holtgrewe, Christof Dues, and Simone Sanna
17:45 O 18.2 Theoretical investigation of the Au-induced Si(111) surface reconstruction — •Felix Bernhardt, Kris Holtgrewe, Christof Dues, and Simone Sanna
17:45 O 18.3 First-principles investigation of the vibrational properties of rare-earth silicides on the Si(111) surface — •Vincent Maximilian Wettig, Kris Holtgrewe, Christof Dues, and Simone Sanna
17:45 O 18.4 Au atomic wires on Si(hhk) substrates: Recent advances from experiment and theory — •Simone Sanna, Zamin Mamiyev, Christoph Tegenkamp, and Herbert Pfnür
17:45 O 18.5 Multi-pulse excitation of one-dimensional nanowires at surfaces — •Nils Häußer, Jan Gerrit Horstmann, Hannes Böckmann, and Claus Ropers
17:45 O 18.6 Simulating organic functionalization of Si(553)-Au — •Conor Hogan, Svetlana Suchkova, Friedhelm Bechstedt, Eugen Speiser, Sandhya Chandola, and Norbert Esser
17:45 O 18.7 Highly Ordered Metallic Phase of Indium on SiC(0001)Maximilian Bauernfeind, •Jonas Erhardt, Jörg Schäfer, and Ralph Claessen
17:45 O 18.8 Sn nanowires on a vicinal Si(111) surface — •Monika Jäger, Herbert Pfnür, Mauro Franciulli, Andrew Weber, Jan-Hugo Dil, and Christoph Tegenkamp
17:45 O 18.9 Forming and contacting chains of Fe and Co nanoclusters for four-probe transport measurements — •Oleg Kurnosikov and Kongyi Li
17:45 O 18.10 Surface dependent analysis of freestanding GaAs-nanowires — •Andreas Nägelein, Juliane Koch, Matthias Steidl, Stefan Korte, Bert Voigtländer, Peter Kleinschmidt, and Thomas Hannappel
17:45 O 18.11 Tailor-made *meso to macro* porous CuNi films by electrodeposition: synthesis and application — •Jin Zhang, Jordi Sort, and Eva Pellicer
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