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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 75: Fundamentals of Catalysis I

Donnerstag, 4. April 2019, 10:30–13:00, H5

10:30 O 75.1 Coordination Effects in Model Rh1/Fe3O4 and Ir1/Fe3O4 Singe-Atom Catalysts — •Gareth Parkinson, Jan Hulva, Zdenek Jakub, Matthias Meier, Roland Bliem, Cesare Franchini, Michael Schmid, and Ulrike Diebold
10:45 O 75.2 CO-assisted stabilisation of single-atom Pt on ceria — •Nathan Daelman, Marçal Capdevila-Cortada, and Núria López
11:00 O 75.3 Hauptvortrag: Structure evolution of oxide-supported metal nanoparticles under different conditions — •Yuemin Wang
11:30 O 75.4 Observing diffusion and morphology changes of small metal clusters via scanning tunneling microscopy — •Barbara A J Lechner, Ke Zhang, Alexander Bourgund, Fabian Knoller, Ueli Heiz, and Friedrich Esch
11:45 O 75.5 Modelling Ostwald ripening beyond mean-field models — •Elisabeth M. Dietze and Philipp N. Plessow
12:00 O 75.6 Ru/TiO2 catalysts in the CO methanation: influence of the TiO2 morphology on the activation and the chemical nature of Ru investigated by operando X-ray absorption spectroscopyShilong Chen, •Joachim Bansmann, Ali Abdel-Mageed, Dan Li, Weixin Huang, and R. Jürgen Behm
12:15 O 75.7 Density functional study of hydrogen adsorption on 55-atom Pt-Ni nanoclusters — •Olli Ahlstedt and Jaakko Akola
12:30 O 75.8 Bimetallic PdPt Alloy Nanocluster Arrays on Graphene/ Rh(111): Formation, Stability, and Dynamics — •Fabian Düll, Udo Bauer, Florian Späth, Philipp Bachmann, Johann Steinhauer, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Christian Papp
12:45 O 75.9 Coverage and temperature dependent size and distribution variations of entrapped Pt-nanoclusters on h-BN/Rh(111) — •Manuel Meusel, Fabian Düll, Simon Schötz, Florian Späth, Udo Bauer, Philipp Bachmann, Johan Steinhauer, Hans-Peter Steinrück, Andreas Bayer, and Christian Papp
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