Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 95: Semiconductor Substrates: Metallic Nanowires

Freitag, 5. April 2019, 10:30–13:00, H14

10:30 O 95.1 Novel electronic junctions in an atomic wire array: interfaces between metallic and charge density wave ordered electronic phases — •Samad Razzaq, Sun Kyu Song, Han Woong Yeom, and Stefan Wippermann
10:45 O 95.2 Coherent control of the structural phase transition in In-nanowires on Si(111) — •Jan Gerrit Horstmann, Bareld Wit, Gero Storeck, and Claus Ropers
11:00 O 95.3 Excited state mapping and ultrafast population dynamics in In/Si(111) nanowires probed by trARPES — •Chris W. Nicholson, Michele Puppin, Andreas Lücke, Wolf Gero Schmitt, Laurenz Rettig, Ralph Ernstorfer, and Martin Wolf
11:15 O 95.4 1D- plasmons and their H-induced modification on the Si(557)-Au surface — •Zamin Mamiyev, Simone Sanna, Christoph Tegenkamp, and Herbert Pfnür
11:30 O 95.5 Temperature induced phase transition of Si(553)-(5x2)-Au in vibrational spectra and its suppression upon step edge hydrogenation — •Eugen Speiser, Julian Plaickner, Sandhya Chandola, Simone Sanna, Conor Hogan, and Norbert Esser
11:45 O 95.6 Temperature-dependent order-disorder transition in the Si(553)-Au nanowire system — •Bernd Hafke, Tobias Witte, Christian Brand, Simone Sanna, Christian Braun, Wolf Gero Schmidt, and Michael Horn-von Hoegen
12:00 O 95.7 Spin pairing versus spin chains at Si(hhk)-Au surfaces — •Christian Braun and Wolf Gero Schmidt
12:15 O 95.8 Phenomenological assignment of surface phonons at Si(hhk) modified by Au submonolayers — •Julian Plaickner, Eugen Speiser, Sandhya Chandola, Nobert Esser, Benedikt Halbig, and Jean Geurts
12:30 O 95.9 Tb induced surface structures on Si(110) — •Stephan Appelfeller and Mario Dähne
12:45 O 95.10 Charge density wave melting in one-dimensional wires with femtosecond sub-gap excitation — •Mariana Chávez-Cervantes, Gabriel E. Topp, Sven Aeschlimann, Rǎzvan Krause, Shunsuke A. Sato, Michael A. Sentef, and Isabella Gierz
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