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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 21: Focus Session: Quantum Dynamics of Kinetically Constrained Many-Body Systems (joint session TT/DY)

Dienstag, 2. April 2019, 09:30–13:00, H2

Over the past few years it has been shown that quantum many-body systems far from equilibrium can exhibit very rich and exciting physics, including the emergence of thermodynamics in closed quantum systems, dynamical quantum phase transitions, and many-body localization. This topic became of particular relevance as closed quantum many body states can now be prepared experimentally and coherent quantum dynamics can be observed over long time scales. Strongly correlated systems that are subject to a kinematic constraints receive currently a lot of attention. Such constrained quantum matter is characterized by a Hilbert space structure that is different from a conventional tensor product structure. Well known examples are frustrated quantum magnets described by effective dimer models, fractional quantum Hall liquids, and so called fracton models with excitations that are only mobile in certain directions. In a recent experiment, constrained models have also been realized in synthetic quantum matter in which Rydberg excitations of one-dimensional ultracold atoms are energetically forbidden to occupy neighbouring sites*a constrained model that can be mapped onto a 1D quantum dimer model. While the equilibrium properties of constrained systems have been studied in depth over the past decades in the context of frustrated magnetism and gauge theories, we just begin to understand the rich non-equilibrium physics of these systems. The proposed session aims to give an overview ofrecent developments and point towards the open questions.

Organized by: Michael Knap (Technical University of Munich), Frank Pollmann (Technical University of Munich), Roderich Moessner (Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems)

09:30 TT 21.1 Hauptvortrag: Quantum dynamics, scars, and integrability in constrained Rydberg systems — •Vedika Khemani, Christopher Laumann, and Anushya Chandran
10:00 TT 21.2 Hauptvortrag: DMRG investigation of constrained models: from quantum dimer and quantum loop ladders to hard-boson and Fibonacci anyon chains — •Natalia Chepiga and Frederic Mila
10:30 TT 21.3 Hauptvortrag: Localization in Fractonic Random CircuitsShriya Pai, •Michael Pretko, and Rahul Nandkishore
  11:00 15 min. break.
11:15 TT 21.4 Hauptvortrag: Many-body localization dynamics from gauge invariance — •Markus Heyl
11:45 TT 21.5 Hauptvortrag: Slow dynamics due to kinetic constraints, from classical to quantum — •Juan Garrahan
12:15 TT 21.6 Dynamical Phase Transitions in a 2D Quantum Dimer Model — •Johannes Feldmeier, Michael Knap, and Frank Pollmann
12:30 TT 21.7 Hamiltonian systems with charge and dipole conservation far from equilibrium — •Pablo Sala, Tibor Rakovszky, Ruben Verresen, Michael Knap, and Frank Pollmann
12:45 TT 21.8 Apparent slow dynamics in the ergodic phase of a driven many-body localized system without extensive conserved quantities — •Talía Lezama Mergold Love, Soumya Bera, and Jens H. Bardarson
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