Regensburg 2019 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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TUT: Tutorials

TUT 4: Diamond-Growth, characterization, electronics and applications (joint session KFM/TUT)

TUT 4.1: Tutorium

Sonntag, 31. März 2019, 16:00–16:45, H10

Diamonds bright future in electronics and quantum technology — •Matthias Schreck — Institut für Physik, Universität Augsburg

The present talk gives first a general introduction into diamond growth by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Then, it describes the different approaches and the crucial steps for the realization of single crystal diamond on wafer scale. The focus will be on the heteroepitaxial multilayer system Dia/Ir/YSZ/Si which is currently the most advanced as demonstrated by the successful synthesis of a monocrystalline disc with a diameter of 92 mm and a mass of 155 ct.
The second part addresses current and potential future applications. Cutting tools for high precision machining, scalpels for eye surgery as well as visible/infrared optical elements based on CVD grown single crystals are already available on the market. Detectors for high energy ionizing radiation required at large particle physics research facilities like GSI or CERN are under development. In the field of high power electronics, diamond should outperform all other wide bandgap materials according to its intrinsic material parameters, but highly competitive devices that may be grown on the new wafers are still to be demonstrated. Finally, emerging quantum technologies based on color centers hosted in the diamond crystal lattice open a fascinating new field.

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