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HK: Fachverband Physik der Hadronen und Kerne

HK 51: Poster (a)

HK 51.33: Poster

Donnerstag, 2. April 2020, 16:30–18:30, Zelt

A superfluid liquid helium target for low-momentum electron scattering experiments at the S-DALINAC — •Michaela Hilcker, Jonny Birkhan, Antonio D’Alessio, Tobias Klaus, Peter von Neumann-Cosel, Norbert Pietralla, Maxim Singer, and Gerhart Steinhilber — Institut für Kernphysik, TU Darmstadt

At the Institute for Nuclear Physics of the TU Darmstadt, high-resolution inelastic electron scattering is used to investigate the nuclear structure at low momentum transfers. The QCLAM spectrometer, one of the two large magnetic spectrometers, is used to determine the momentum of the scattered electrons.

We plan to perform an electron scattering experiment at low momentum transfer to investigate the first excited 0+ state of 4He, since previous experiments [1] deviate strongly from current ‘ab initio’ calculations in chiral EFT [2], and also the longitudinal response function at excitation energies above 22 MeV, since the effect of 3 body forces is particularly visible there. The use of superfluid helium as target material is necessary to obtain sufficiently good statistics and to keep experimental uncertainties of the target density under control. A suitable setup will be presented and the results of a commissioning experiment [3] will be shown.
[1] T. Walcher, Phys. Lett. B 31, 442 (1970).
[2] S. Bacca, N. Barnea, W. Leidemann, and G. Orlandini, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 042503 (2013).
[3] M. Hilcker et al., submitted to Nucl. Instrum. Methods (2019).
Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - SFB 1245.

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