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HK: Fachverband Physik der Hadronen und Kerne

HK 52: Poster (b)

Donnerstag, 2. April 2020, 16:30–18:30, Grotte

16:30 HK 52.1 Improving the precision of the hypertriton binding energy by pion spectroscopy — •Pascal Klag, Patrick Achenbach, Philipp Eckert, Toshiyuki Gogami, Philipp Herrmann, Masashi Kaneta, Sho Nagao, Satoshi Nakamura, Josef Pochodzalla, and Yuichi Toyama
16:30 HK 52.2 Development and beam test of a high luminosity lithium target at MAMI — •Philipp Herrmann, Patrick Achenbach, Toshiyuki Gogami, Philipp Eckert, Masashi Kaneta, Pascal Klag, Sho Nagao, Satoshi Nakamura, Josef Pochodzalla, and Yuichi Toyama
16:30 HK 52.3 Exploring the 12C(e, e′π+ π+) and 12C(e, ep  π+) reactions at the A1 multi-spectrometer facility at MAMI — •Philipp Eckert, Toshiyuki Gogami, Masashi Kaneta, Sho Nagao, Satoshi Nakamura, and Yuichi Toyama
16:30 HK 52.4 Proton Time-Like Electromagnetic Form Factor Measurement with the Scan Method at BESIII — •Christoph Rosner, Yadi Wang, Samer Ali Nasher Ahmed, Alaa Dbeyssi, Paul Larin, Dexu Lin, Frank Maas, and Cristina Morales
16:30 HK 52.5 Radiative corrections in proton-antiproton annihilation to electron-positron and their application to the PANDA experiment — •Alaa Dbeyssi, Manuel Zambrana, Frank Maas, Egle Tomasi-Gustafsson, Yuri M. Bystritskiy, Vladimir A. Zykunov, Samer Ahmed, Luigi Luigi, Oliver Noll, David Rodriguez Pineiro, and Sahra Wolff
16:30 HK 52.6 Gas gain measurements for the CBM-TRD MWPCs — •Isabel Kuhn for the CBM collaboration
16:30 HK 52.7 Femtoscopic study of the lambda-deuteron interaction in pp collisions at 13 TeV — •Michael Jung for the ALICE collaboration
16:30 HK 52.8 Beta-gated gamma spectroscopy using GALILEO detector system — •Arzoo Sharma, J. Gerl, M. Gorska-Ott, H. M. Albers, I. Kojouharov, H. Schaffner, A. Mistry, Nicolas J. Hubbard, T. Arici, A. Banerjee, E. Sahin, S. Alhomaidhi, M. Polettini, A. Yaneva, R. Palit, and Pushpendra P. Singh
16:30 HK 52.9 Characteristics of background electrons due to radioactive decays in the KATRIN spectrometers — •Dominic Hinz for the KATRIN collaboration
16:30 HK 52.10 Avoiding anomalies — •Klaus Morawetz
16:30 HK 52.11 Determination of beam intensities from proton scattering experiments between 2 MeV and 15 MeV — •Marco Menen, Felix Heim, Sarah Prill, Philipp Scholz, Michael Weinert, and Andreas Zilges
16:30 HK 52.12 Ongoing investigation of a new Doppler-shift attenuation-approach to determine nuclear-level lifetimes — •Anna Bohn, Vera Everwyn, Michelle Färber, Florian Kluwig, Miriam Müscher, Sarah Prill, Philipp Scholz, Michael Weinert, Julius Wilhelmy, and Andreas Zilges
16:30 HK 52.13 Antihyperons in nuclei at PANDA day-1 — •Falk Schupp, Sebastian Bleser, Marcell Steinen, Michael Bölting, Josef Pochodzalla, and Patrick Achenbach
16:30 HK 52.14 Has the ΛΛ4n been observed?Sebastian Bleser, •Michael Bölting, Theodoros Gaitanos, Josef Pochodzalla, Falk Schupp, and Marcell Steinen
16:30 HK 52.15 Coulex of 142Xe — •Corinna Henrich for the IS548-MINIBALL collaboration
16:30 HK 52.16 Lifetime measurements of excited states in 55Cr — •H. Kleis, M. Seidlitz, P. Reiter, K. Arnswald, M. Droste, and L. Kaya
16:30 HK 52.17 A cryogenic Paul trap for 229Th — •Daniel Moritz, Benedict Seiferle, Lars von der Wense, and Peter G. Thirolf
16:30 HK 52.18 Subatomic particles represented as focal points. — •Osvaldo Domann
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