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SOE: Fachverband Physik sozio-ökonomischer Systeme

SOE 13: Focus Session: Opinion Formation

Donnerstag, 19. März 2020, 09:30–11:30, GÖR 226

The dynamics of opinion formation is quite an interdisciplinary topic. It has gained increased attention in recent years since the emergence of filter bubbles and opinion polarization have been recognized as major societal problems. Further on, access to social media data has increased the options to study opinion formation data-driven. This focus session will present recent theoretical and empirical research on the dynamic of opinion formation for binary as well as for continuous opinions. (Session organized by Jan Lorenz)

09:30 SOE 13.1 On Communicative Mechanisms Producing Filter Bubbles — •Jan Lorenz, Daniel Geschke, and Peter Holtz
09:45 SOE 13.2 Do filter bubbles contribute to opinion polarization in online social networks? Insights from opinion-dynamics modeling. — •Michael Mäs
10:00 SOE 13.3 User interactions on Twitter: Retweet versus reply networks — •Felix Gaisbauer, Armin Pournaki, Sven Banisch, and Eckehard Olbrich
10:15 SOE 13.4 Polarization in Opinion Landscapes — •Martin Gestefeld, Nils Tobias Henschel, Jan Lorenz, and Klaus Boehnke
10:30 SOE 13.5 Repulsion drives public opinion into fifty-fifty stalemate — •Sebastian M. Krause, Fritz Weyhausen-Brinkmann, and Stefan Bornholdt
10:45 SOE 13.6 Opinion Formation in distributed topologies: the voter model on hierarchical networksKateryna Isirova, Oleksandr Potii, and •Jens Christian Claussen
11:00 SOE 13.7 Surprising Effects of Inhomogeneity on Opinion Dynamics — •Hendrik Schawe and Laura Hernández
  11:15 15 min. break
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