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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 37: Skyrmions II (joint session MA/TT)

TT 37.11: Vortrag

Mittwoch, 18. März 2020, 12:30–12:45, POT 6

Transverse susceptibility of skyrmion lattice order in Cu2OSeO3 and MnSi — •Denis Mettus1, Felix Rucker1, Andreas Bauer1, Helmuth Berger2, Markus Garst3, Achim Rosch4, and Christian Pfleiderer11Physik-Department, Technische Universität München, D-85748 Garching, Germany — 2École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, Switzerland — 3Institut für Theoretische Physik, Technische Universität Dresden, D-01062 Dresden, Germany — 4Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universität zu Köln, D-50937 Köln, Germany

The observation of skyrmion lattice flow in chiral magnets under spin-transfer torques at exceptionally small spin current densities has generated great interest concerning the underlying pinning and coupling mechanisms. While the spin currents in MnSi represent spin-polarized charge currents, similar spin torque effects due to tiny magnon currents are observed in the electrical insulator Cu2OSeO3. We report systematic measurements of the transverse ac susceptibility of MnSi and Cu2OSeO3 as a function of the amplitude and frequency of the excitation field. In our study we cover the response of the magnetization in the limits of local scales up to large scales of the entire texture. We discuss our results in the context of unpinning effects due to spin transfer torques as well as different stabiliziation mechanisms of skyrmion lattice order.

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