Hannover 2020 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MS: Fachverband Massenspektrometrie

MS 9: Mass Spectrometry Posters

MS 9.7: Poster

Mittwoch, 11. März 2020, 16:30–18:30, Empore Lichthof

Mapping of elements in various environmental matrices with LA-ICP-QQQ-MS — •Dorian Zok, Anica Weller, and Georg Steinhauser — Leibniz University Hannover - Institute of Radioecology and Radiation Protection

We coupled our triple quadrupole ICP-mass spectrometer with a nanosecond laser ablation unit for the mapping of various elements. This coupling has the offers spatial resolution of the concentrations over the entire sample area. In this study, natural inorganic stomatolites as well as organic sample matrices such as carrot plants and shitake mushrooms were investigated. Stromatolites as biogenic rocks can be used as monitor for marine changes in a long time history. We analysed the deposition of nearly 20 main and rare earth elements in the thin layer structure of this rocks. We observed a correlation between some collectively deposited elements within the different layers. Mass ratios were semi-quantified by the NIST 610 glass standard and in the range of ppm for the rare earth elements. The carrot plants and shitake mushrooms were selected due to their importance in the human diet. Carrots were spiked with high activities of long-lived Tc-99, and mushrooms with Cs-137 and Ag-108m. Both matrices have effectively incooperated the anthropogenic radionuclides into their compartments due to the signals inside of the cross section. We successfully coupled both laser ablation and MS units and measured various kinds of matrices. In the future, we want to extend this to the build-in reaction cell of the mass spectrometer to improve the system for more difficult-to-measure elements/radionuclides.

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