Dortmund 2021 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 56: Flavour physics III

Mittwoch, 17. März 2021, 16:00–18:30, Tf

16:00 T 56.1 Contribution of the Darwin operator to non-leptonic decays of heavy quarks — •Maria Laura Piscopo, Aleksey Rusov, and Alexander Lenz
16:15 T 56.2 Investigation of B→ µ ν with inclusive tagging at Belle IIFlorian Bernlochner, Jochen Dingfelder, Svenja Granderath, •Daniel Jacobi, and Peter Lewis for the Belle II collaboration
16:30 T 56.3 QCD factorization of the four-lepton decay B→ ℓ ν ℓ′ Martin Beneke, Philipp Boer, •Panagiotis Rigatos, and Keri Vos
16:45 T 56.4 Measurement of the photon energy spectrum in the fully-inclusive hadronic-tagged BXs γ decays at the Belle II experiment — •Henrikas Svidras
17:00 T 56.5 Towards completion of the four-body contributions to BXs γ — •Lars-Thorben Moos and Tobias Huber
17:15 T 56.6 Measurement of inclusive BXu ℓ ν decay with hadronic tagging at BelleForian Bernlochner, •Lu Cao, William Sutcliffe, and Raynette van Tonder for the Belle collaboration
17:30 T 56.7 The differential B-meson semi-leptonic width at NLOThomas Mannel, •Daniel Moreno, and Alexei A. Pivovarov
17:45 T 56.8 Measurement of the q2 moments in semi-leptonic B meson decays at Belle IIJochen Dingfelder, Florian Bernlochner, and •Maximilian Welsch
18:00 T 56.9 Tagged analysis of B→ π ℓ ν at BelleFlorian Bernlochner, Jochen Dingfelder, •Jonathan Grumke, and Peter Lewis for the Belle collaboration
18:15 T 56.10 Untagged Analysis of B → π ℓ ν using Early Belle II DataFlorian Bernlochner, Jochen Dingfelder, •Svenja Granderath, and Peter Lewis for the Belle II collaboration
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