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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 87: Extended Higgs Models III

T 87.1: Vortrag

Donnerstag, 18. März 2021, 16:00–16:15, Tl

Search for invisible Higgs boson decays with vector boson fusion signatures with the ATLAS detector using an integrated luminosity of 139 fb^*1 — •Pablo Rivadeneira — DESY, Hamburg

Several Beyond Standard Models consider the Higgs boson as the mediator between the Standard Model and Dark Matter. At the LHC, it is possible to probe these Higgs portal Dark Matter models searching for the production of Dark Matter through large values of missing transverse energy generated by the DM particles escaping the detector. Using 139fb^-1 of pp collision at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV recorded by the ATLAS detector, a search for Higgs bosons produced via vector boson fusion and subsequently decay into invisible particles was developed. The observed number of events was found to be in agreement with the background expectation from the Standard Model. Observed and expected upper limits on the branching fraction of Higgs boson decaying to invisible were derived to be at 0.13 at 95% confidence level. These results were used to set limits on the scattering cross-section of weakly interacting massive particles and nucleons. The invisible decays of additional scalar bosons with masses from 50 GeV up to 1TeV were also studied, and upper limits on the cross section times branching fraction were evaluated to be 0.97 pb for a scalar boson of a mass of 50 GeV, which falls with increasing mass to become 0.12 pb at a mass of 1TeV.

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