Dortmund 2021 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 9: Associated Higgs production and Higgs quantum numbers I

Montag, 15. März 2021, 16:00–18:15, Ti

16:00 T 9.1 Simplified Template Cross Section Measurement of the Process ppHWWWWlν lν lν with ATLAS — •Moritz Hesping, Volker Büscher, Ralf Gugel, Thomas Honig, Christian Schmitt, and Natalie Wieseotte
16:15 T 9.2 Search for WH production at the CMS Experiment using Deep Learning Techniques — •Frederic Engelke
16:30 T 9.3 Towards a measurement of single top quark production in association with a Higgs boson (tH) in the ditau channel at ATLAS — •Tanja Holm and Ian C. Brock
16:45 T 9.4 Neural network development in the analysis of single top-quark production in association with a Higgs boson and light-quark at ATLAS — •Christian Kirfel, Ian Brock, and Tanja Holm
17:00 T 9.5 Associated production of a single top quark and a Higgs boson in the H→bb decay channel at the CMS experimentThorsten Chwalek, Nils Faltermann, •Marco Link, and Thomas Müller
17:15 T 9.6 Investigation of ttH(bb) Events with Very High Higgs Boson Momentum at ATLAS DetectorLucia Masetti, Eftychia Tzovara, Alexander Basan, Andriani Panagi, Asma Hadef, and •Doga Elitez
17:30 T 9.7 STXS measurement of topquark-antiquark pair production in association with a Higgs boson at CMS — •Sebastian Wieland, Ulrich Husemann, Philip Keicher, Matthias Schröder, and Jan van der Linden
17:45 T 9.8 Modelling studies of the tt+bb background to the tt(Hbb) analysis — •Stephen Eggebrecht, Andreas Kirchhoff, Arnulf Quadt, Elizaveta Shabalina, and Knut Zoch
18:00 T 9.9 ANN based jet assignment in the simultaneous inclusive cross-section measurement of tt+H/tt+Z in the semi-leptonic channel targeting bb decays at the CMS experiment — •Lukas Armbruster, Ulrich Husemann, and Jan van der Linden
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