Dortmund 2021 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Mo, 16:30 T 1.3 Automating the calculation of jet functions in SCETGuido Bell, •Kevin Brune, Goutam Das, and Marcel Wald
Mo, 16:45 T 1.4 On the automated calculation of beam functions in Soft-Collinear Effective TheoryGuido Bell, Kevin Brune, Goutam Das, and •Marcel Wald
Mo, 17:15 T 1.6 Charm quark mass effects to Upsilon decaysMatthias Steinhauser, Jan Piclum, Kay Schönwald, Matteo Fael, and •Manuel Egner
Mo, 17:00 T 6.5 The pion light-cone distribution amplitude from the pion electromagnetic form factorShan Cheng, Alexander Khodjamirian, and •Aleksey Rusov
Mo, 18:15 T 7.10 Non-local matrix elements in B(s)→ {K(*),φ}ℓ+ — •Nico Gubernari, Danny van Dyk, and Javier Virto
Mo, 16:45 T 10.4 X ray reconstruction for IAXO using a Timepix 3 based InGridIvor Fleck, •Jan Hahn, and Ulrich Werthenbach
Mo, 17:20 T 19.6 Tracking of charged particles using an FE-I4B pixel telescope and moving emulsion films — •Nikolaus Owtscharenko, Markus Cristinziani, Vadim Kostyukhin, Christopher Betancourt, Fabian Hügging, Jens Janssen, David-Leon Pohl, Antonia Di Crescenzo, and Antonio Iuliano
Di, 14:30 T 25.2 Eingeladener Vortrag: Assembling the flavour jigsaw (2021 edition) — •Oscar Cata
Di, 17:00 T 26.5 Investigating triple Higgs production in and beyond the SM at proton-proton colliders. — •Gilberto Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, Andreas Papaefstathiou, Tania Robens, and Marco Zaro
Di, 17:30 T 28.7 Constraining Effective Field Theory with ttγ events using ATLAS data at √s = 13 TeV — •Binish Batool, Carmen Diez Pardos, and Ivor Fleck
Di, 17:45 T 28.8 Determination of Background from Misreconstructed Electrons in ttγ topologies with the ATLAS detectorIvor Fleck, •Buddhadeb Mondal, and Carmen Diez Pardos
Di, 17:20 T 29.6 Measurement of top quark charge asymmetry in ttγ production in the ATLAS experimentIvor Fleck, Carmen Diez Pardos, and •Amartya Rej
Di, 17:00 T 31.5 Theory status of the lifetime ratio τ (Bs)/τ (Bd)Daniel King, Alexander Lenz, Maria Laura Piscopo, Thomas Rauh, and •Aleksey Rusov
Di, 17:45 T 31.8 Towards a new determination of Vcb — •Kevin Olschewsky, Keri Vos, and Matteo Fael
Di, 18:00 T 31.9 QCD Sum Rules for Parameters of the B-meson Distribution Amplitudes — •Muslem Rahimi and Marcel Wald
Di, 17:00 T 40.5 Studies of parameter uncertainty correction methods in unbinned maximum likelihood fits to events weighted by the SPlot techniquePeter Buchholz, Mazuza Ghneimat, •Tim-Philip Hücking, Iskander Ibragimov, and Wolfgang Walkowiak
Di, 18:00 T 46.9 Studies of Lorentz Violation using Air Shower Data — •Fabian Duenkel, Marcus Niechciol und Markus Risse
Mi, 16:00 T 54.1 Follow-Up Search for UHE Photons after Gravitational Wave Events with the Pierre Auger Observatory — •Philip Ruehl, Marcus Niechciol, and Markus Risse
Mi, 16:00 T 56.1 Contribution of the Darwin operator to non-leptonic decays of heavy quarks — •Maria Laura Piscopo, Aleksey Rusov, and Alexander Lenz
Mi, 17:00 T 56.5 Towards completion of the four-body contributions to BXs γ — •Lars-Thorben Moos and Tobias Huber
Mi, 17:30 T 56.7 The differential B-meson semi-leptonic width at NLOThomas Mannel, •Daniel Moreno, and Alexei A. Pivovarov
Do, 17:45 T 79.8 Evidence for tttt production in same-sign dilepton and multilepton final states at the LHC with the ATLAS detector using the full Run-2 datasetVakhtang Ananiashvili, •Ö. Oğul Öncel, Niklas Werner Schwan, and Markus Cristinziani
Do, 18:00 T 79.9 Studies on the reconstruction of multiple top quarks in the tttt production in same-sign dilepton final states using Boosted Decision Trees with the ATLAS detectorVakhtang Ananiashvili, Peter Johannes Falke, •Ö. Oğul Öncel, Niklas Werner Schwan, and Markus Cristinziani

23 Ergebnisse auf 1 Seite

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