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SYAR: Symposium The state of the art in actinide research

SYAR 1: The state of the art in actinide research

SYAR 1.1: Hauptvortrag

Mittwoch, 22. September 2021, 10:45–11:15, Audimax

Application of Inorganic Mass Spectrometry in Nuclear Forensics — •Klaus Mayer1, Maria Wallenius1, Zsolt Varga1, Magnus Hedberg2, and Michael Krachler11European Commission, Joint Research Centre, P.O. Box 2340 — 2International Atomic Energy Agency

Mass spectrometric techniques are widely applied analytical tools in different fields of science. They enable identifying unknown compounds, quantifying known materials and elucidating the structural and chemical properties of molecules. In inorganic mass spectrometry, emphasis is given to determining the elemental and isotopic composition of materials.

Mass spectrometric techniques play an important in the investigation of nuclear material for nuclear forensic purposes. The versatility and the sensitivity of mass spectrometric methods provide access to a wealth of information inherent to the nuclear material. Different variants of mass spectrometry are applied and provide hints on the history and on the intended use of the material, based on elemental and isotopic data. This includes major constituents and trace impurities; applicable to bulk samples as well as to individual micrometer sized particles. The analytical method to be applied depends on the physical and chemical appearance of the material and on the information to be obtained. Recent progress in the development and application of the most prominent mass spectrometric techniques (thermal ionization mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and secondary ion mass spectrometry) are provided in the paper.

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