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SYAW: Awards Symposium

SYAW 1: Awards Symposium

SYAW 1.2: Preisträgervortrag

Mittwoch, 1. September 2021, 10:45–11:15, Audimax

The 229Th nuclear isomer — •Benedict Seiferle — LMU Munich, Garching b. München, Germany — Laureate of the Gustav-Hertz-Prize 2021

While nuclear transitions are typically situated in the keV or MeV range, the first nuclear isomeric excited state in 229Th (229mTh) with an excitation energy of only ≈8 eV [1, 2] occupies an exceptional position in the nuclear landscape. Such a low excitation energy is accessible with today’s lasers and thus 229Th can principally be excited with laser radiation. Together with an expected (radiative) lifetime of several 1000 s 229mTh can be used as a basis for a nuclear optical clock [3] which could be employed in the search for new physics.

In this talk I will give an overview on the progress that has been reached during the last years and present the current status of the 229mTh research at LMU Munich.

[1] B. Seiferle et al., Nature 573, 243-246, 2019.

[2] T. Sikorsky et al., PRL 125, 142503, 2020.

[3] E. Peik und C. Tamm, Europhys. Letters, 61, 2, 181-186, 2003.

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