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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 78: Poster Session VI: 2D Materials: Electronic structure, excitations, etc. II

Mittwoch, 3. März 2021, 13:30–15:30, P

13:30 O 78.1 Transitional metal doped Bi2−nXnO2Se - novel 2D magnetic semiconductor — •Dominik Legut, Xiaopeng Liu, Ruifeng Zhang, Zhongheng Fu, Tinshuai Wang, Yanchen Fan, and Qianfan Zhang
13:30 O 78.2 Analysis of interlayer excitons in the case of MoS2 on GaSe. — •Christian Wagner, Mahfujur Rahaman, Dietrich R.T. Zahn, and Sibylle Gemming
13:30 O 78.3 Spin-polarized VLEED from single-layer MoS2/Au(111): Investigation of spin-orbit-induced effects — •Christoph Angrick, Annika Henriksen, Nicole Mutzke, Andre Reimann, Moritz Ewert, Lars Buss, Jens Falta, Jan Ingo Flege, and Markus Donath
13:30 O 78.4 Four- and twelve-band low-energy symmetric Hamiltonians and Hubbard parameters for twisted bilayer graphene using ab-initio input — •Arkadiy Davydov, Kenny Choo, Mark H. Fischer, and Arkadiy Davydov
13:30 O 78.5 Optoelectronic properties of point defects in hBN — •Alexander Kirchhoff, Thorsten Deilmann, Peter Krüger, and Michael Rohlfing
13:30 O 78.6 Proroper ab-initio dielectric function of 2D materials and their polarizable thickness — •Lorenzo Sponza and François Ducastelle
13:30 O 78.7 Electronic and vibrational properties of TMDs heterogeneous bilayers, nontwisted bilayers silicene/TMDs heterostructures and photovoltaic heterojunctions of fullerenes with TMDs monolayers — •Mohamed Barhoumi and Moncef Said
  13:30 O 78.8 The contribution has been withdrawn.
13:30 O 78.9 Band structure and image potential states of hBN/Cu(111) — •Jan Beckord, Matthias Hengsberger, and Jürg Osterwalder
13:30 O 78.10 Gate-Tunable Curvature-Induced Charge Localization in Two-Dimensional Semiconducting Monolayers — •bong gyu shin, jz-yuan juo, soon jung jung, and klaus kern
13:30 O 78.11 Spin and orbital nature of electronic structure in transition metal dichalcogenides — •Jakub Schusser, Mauro Fanciulli, Samuel Beaulieu, Christine Richter, Olivier Heckmann, Zakariae El Youbi, Cephise Cacho, Ralph Ernstorfer, Friedel Reinert, Karol Hricovini, and Ján Minár
  13:30 O 78.12 The contribution has been withdrawn.
  13:30 O 78.13 The contribution has been withdrawn.
13:30 O 78.14 Kelvin probe force microscopy-based direct measurements of contact resistance in 2D semiconductor thin film transistor — •Aleksandar Matković, Andreas Petritz, Gerburg Schider, Markus Krammer, Markus Kratzer, Esther Karner-Petritz, Alexander Fian, Herbert Gold, Michael Gärtner, Andreas Terfort, Christian Teichert, Egbert Zojer, Karin Zojer, and Barbara Stadlober
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