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T: Fachverband Teilchenphysik

T 93: Search for New Particles 6

Donnerstag, 24. März 2022, 16:15–18:45, T-H24

16:15 T 93.1 Symmetries, Safety, and Self-SupervisionBarry M. Dillon, Gregor Kasieczka, Hans Olischläger, Tilman Plehn, Peter Sorrenson, and •Lorenz Vogel
16:30 T 93.2 Searching for Jet Pairs with Anomalous Substructure in CMSGregor Kasieczka, Louis Moureaux, Tobias Quadfasel, and •Manuel Sommerhalder
16:45 T 93.3 Autoencoders and k-Means for unsupervised anomaly detection in high energy physicsThorben Finke, Michael Krämer, Alessandro Morandini, Alexander Mück, and •Ivan Oleksiyuk
17:00 T 93.4 How to Identify Anomalies at the LHC — •Thorsten Buss, Barry Dillon, Thorben Finke, Michael Krämer, Alessandro Morandini, Alexander Mück, Ivan Oleksiuk, and Tilman Plehn
17:15 T 93.5 Better latent spaces for better autoencodersBarry Dillon, Tilman Plehn, Christof Sauer, and •Peter Sorrenson
17:30 T 93.6 Development of a new trigger for exotic particle searches with IceCube — •Timo Stürwald for the IceCube collaboration
17:45 T 93.7 Simulation of the WOM in IceCube Gen2 for the detection of exotic particles — •Nick Jannis Schmeißer, Anna Pollmann, and John Rack-Helleis for the IceCube collaboration
18:00 T 93.8 Search for heavy neutral lepton production and decay with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory — •Leander Fischer for the IceCube collaboration
18:15 T 93.9 Search for Sub-Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in IceCube — •Christian Dappen, Jakob Böttcher, Sukeerthi Dharani, and Christopher Wiebusch for the IceCube collaboration
18:30 T 93.10 Searching for axion-like particles via ultra-high-energy photons — •Chiara Papior, Markus Risse, and Philip Ruehl
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