Regensburg 2022 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

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Mittwoch, 7. September 2022, 18:00–20:00, P2

realization of on-chip wavelength multiplexing with self-assembly InGaAs quantum dot in telecom C-band — •Dongze Wang, Stephanie Bauer, Michael Jetter, Simone Portalupi, and Peter Michler — Institut für Halbleiteroptik und Funktionelle Grenzflächen, Stuttgart, Germany

Photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are a highly appealing platform for the realization of quantum photonic devices on a scalable dimension. The technology of PIC has enabled the generation, processing, and detection of the quantum state of light. Several different material platforms for the realization of PIC were proposed and are currently under intense investigation. Gallium arsenide-based (GaAs) PIC provides a straightforward combination with a self-assembled quantum dot (QD), which can serve as an efficient on-demand single-photon source with high purity and indistinguishability. In this work, we present a wavelength-division multiplexing system based on indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) waveguides containing self-assembled InGaAs QDs located at the telecom C-band. The waveguide core is deposited on aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs), which provides large refractive index contrast resulting in good confinement for the propagating photons. The dimensional parameters of the single-mode waveguide were simulated by a finite-difference time-domain method. Afterwards, standard semiconducting nanofabrication processes including electron beam lithography and inductively coupled plasma-reactive ion etching technology were used to fabricate the InGaAs photonic chip.

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