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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 20: Poster III

MO 20.2: Poster

Donnerstag, 9. März 2023, 16:30–19:00, Empore Lichthof

Nondipole-Induced Asymmetry in the photoelectron emission distribution from fixed-in-space CO molecules — •Dmitrii Rezvan1, Kim Klyssek2, Sven Grundmann2, Andreas Pier2, Nikolay Novikovskiy1, Nico Strenger2, Dimitrios Tsitsonis2, Max Kircher2, Isabel Vela-Perez2, Kilian Fehre2, Florian Trinter2, Markus Schöffler2, Till Jahnke2, Reinhard Dörner2, and Philipp Demekhin11Institut für Physik und CINSaT, Universität Kassel, Heinrich-Plett-Str. 40, 34132 Kassel, Germany — 2Institut für Kernphysik, J.W. Goethe-Universität, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

A nondipole-induced asymmetry in the angular distributions of C and O 1s-photoelectrons of fixed-in-space CO molecules is studied experimentally and theoretically at a photon energy of 905 eV. We demonstrate how scattering and nondipole effects determine the final emission distributions. The calculations were carried out in the frozen-core Hartree-Fock approximation using the stationary single center method [1], while the experiment was carried out using the COLTRIMS reaction microscope [2] available at beamline P04 of PETRA III, DESY. The emission distributions possess a strong scattering peak in the direction of the neighboring atom. This peak is either enhanced or suppressed by the nondiope contributions, respectivelly, if the scaterrer points to the forward or backward direction with respect to the light propagation.

[1] Ph. V. Demekhin et. al., J. Chem. Phys. 134, 024113 (2011).

[2] R. Dörner et. al., Phys. Rep. 330, 95 (2000).

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