SAMOP 2023 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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PV: Plenary talks

Mo, 09:00–09:45 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV I: Probing the quantum nature of gravity in table-top experiments — •Markus Aspelmeyer
Mo, 09:45–10:30 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV II: Quantum Chemistry on Quantum Computers: Challenges and New Directions — •Sabrina Maniscalco
Di, 09:00–09:45 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV III: Educational Transformation at a Critical Time: The essential roles and promise of physicists — •Noah Finkelstein
Di, 09:45–10:30 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV IV: Lightwave electronics in trivial, topological, and strongly correlated solids — •Misha Ivanov
Di, 13:00–13:30 F303 Mittagsvortrag: PV IVa: German Reserach Foundation (DFG) - funding opportunities for early career researchers — •Andreas Deschner
Mi, 09:00–09:45 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV V: The device-independent scenario: quantum information information processing based on Bell Theorem — •Antonio Acin
Mi, 09:45–10:30 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV VI: Cavity-enhanced light-induced processes in aerosol droplets — •Ruth Signorell
Mi, 20:00–21:00 E415 Abendvortrag: PV VII: Das Ende der klassischen Welt – Der Physik-Nobelpreis 2022 — •Reinhard Werner
Do, 09:00–09:45 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV VIII: Highly charged helium droplets — •Paul Scheier
Do, 09:45–10:30 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV IX: Exploring fundamental interactions and constants with trapped ions — •Sven Sturm
Fr, 09:00–09:45 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV X: New Lightwave Science with Photonic Crystal Fibres — •Philip Russell
Fr, 09:45–10:30 E415 Plenarvortrag: PV XI: Quantum simulation - Engineering & understanding quantum systems atom- by-atom — •Monika Aidelsburger
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