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CPP: Fachverband Chemische Physik und Polymerphysik

CPP 35: Poster Session II

Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 11:00–13:00, P1

Topics: Biopolymers, Biomaterials and Bioinspired Functional Materials (1-5); Complex Fluids and Colloids, Micelles and Vesicles (6-13); Composites and Functional Polymer Hybrids (14-23); Crystallization, Nucleation and Self-Assembly (24-32); Emerging Topics in Chemical and Polymer Physics, New Instruments and Methods (33-41); Hydrogels and Microgels (42-44); Modeling and Simulation of Soft Matter (45-50); Nanostructures, Nanostructuring and Nanosized Soft Matter (51-52); Polymer and Molecular Dynamics, Friction and Rheology (53-57); Responsive and Adaptive Systems (58-61); Wetting, Fluidics and Liquids at Interfaces and Surfaces (62-66).

11:00 CPP 35.1 Stability of biobased coatings on textiles — •Luciana Pluntke, Constantin Harder, Shouzheng Chen, Iuliana Ribca, Nadja Kölpin, Markus Oberthür, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, Mats Johansson, and Stephan V. Roth
11:00 CPP 35.2 In situ GISAXS printing of biotemplated titania nanostructures — •Linus F. Huber, Manuel E. Scheel, Stephan V. Roth, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
  11:00 CPP 35.3 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 CPP 35.4 Determination of the roast-dependent pore size in coffee beans using positron lifetime spectroscopy — •Adrian Langrehr, Vassily Burwitz, Lucian Mathes, and Christoph Hugenschmidt
11:00 CPP 35.5 Microgels for Enhanced Adsorption of Endothelial Cells on Artificial Networks — •Souraj Mandal and Regine von Klitzing
11:00 CPP 35.6 Depletion induced phase behavior and equilibrium clusters in charged BSA and HSA protein solutions — •Maximilian D. Senft, Fajun Zhang, and Frank Schreiber
11:00 CPP 35.7 Purely elastic instability of semi-dilute polymer solutions in shear flowPegah Shakeri, •Michael Jung, and Ralf Seemann
11:00 CPP 35.8 Improved displacement efficiency in porous media by invasion of viscoelastic fluids — •Michael Jung, Pegah Shakeri, and Ralf Seemann
11:00 CPP 35.9 Supraparticles: Aggregation of colloids in evaporating dispersion drops — •Melis Yetkin, Yashraj Manish Wani, Arash Nikoubashman, Michael Kappl, and Hans-Jürgen Butt
11:00 CPP 35.10 Temperature dependent measurments of the diffusion- and Soret-coefficient in a binary polystyrene/toluene mixture — •Jannik Kantelhardt and Werner Köhler
11:00 CPP 35.11 Diffusion, Thermodiffusion and turbidity of thermoresponsive Poly(N-acryloylglycinamide) in water. — •Roman Reh, Nikola Majstorovic, Seema Agarwal, and Werner Köhler
11:00 CPP 35.12 Measurement of diffusion and thermodiffusion of polydisperse polymers by means of a compact optical beam deflection setup — •Mareike Hager, Roman Reh, and Werner Köhler
11:00 CPP 35.13 Mixture of magnetic and non-magnetic ellipsoids — •Elena Pyanzina, Anna Akisheva, Tatyana Belayeva, Marina Gupalo, and Sofia Kantorovich
11:00 CPP 35.14 Mesoporous polymers as electrode material in hybrid organic-inorganic lithium-ion batteries — •Tom Wickenhäuser, Lucas Ueberricke, Angelina Jocic, Erik Misselwitz, Elisa Thauer, Yuquan Wu, Michael Mastalerz, Milan Kivala, and Rüdiger Klingeler
11:00 CPP 35.15 Design, fabrication and nano-scale characterization of novel SEI layers — •Zhuijun Xu, Yajun Cheng, Yonggao Xia, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
11:00 CPP 35.16 Less is more: tiny amounts of insoluble multi-functional microporous additive plays a big role in lithium secondary batteries — •Ruoxuan Qi, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, and Ya-Jun Cheng
11:00 CPP 35.17 Positrons probe advanced and functionalized porous materials — •Ahmed Gamal Attallah, Eric Hirschmann, Maik Butterling, Maciej Oskar Liedke, and Andreas Wagner
11:00 CPP 35.18 Insights into the morphology-structure-property relationship of mesoporous ZnO films during humidity sensing — •Ting Tian, Shanshan Yin, Suo Tu, Apostolos Vagias, Anna-Lena Oechsle, Tianxiao Xiao, Sigrid Bernstorff, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
11:00 CPP 35.19 Morphology transformation pathway of block copolymer- directed cooperative self-assembly of ZnO hybrid films monitored in situ during slot-die coating — •Ting Tian, Shanshan Yin, Suo Tu, Christian L. Weindl, Kerstin S. Wienhold, Suzhe Liang, Matthias Schwartzkopf, Stephan Volkher Roth, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
11:00 CPP 35.20 Evaluation of different textile mount designs for printing on textiles in commercial SLA 3D printers for scientific investigation — •Timo Grothe, Elise Diestelhorst, Jan Lukas Storck, Daniel Koske, Natalie Frese, and Martin Wortmann
11:00 CPP 35.21 Polymer Composite Films with Induced Structural Anisotropy for Thermoelectric Application — •Christian Gradl, Marie Siegert, and Jens Pflaum
11:00 CPP 35.22 Morphological studies in semicrystalline polymers and polymer nanocomposites using spin diffusion — •Dorit Hartmann, Anna Nitsche, Yury Golitsyn, Horst Schneider, and Kay Saalwächter
  11:00 CPP 35.23 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 CPP 35.24 Accelerating self-assembly of colloidal particles at air-water interface by laser induced heating of upconverting particle — •Lokesh Chinnakanna Muruga, Gokul Nalupurackal, Sresta Roy, Snigdhadev Chakraborty, Jayesh Goswami, and Basudev Roy
11:00 CPP 35.25 Following the directed self-assembly of crystallizable block co oligmers via in situ AFM — •Alexander Meinhardt, Peng Qi, Ivan Maximov, and Thomas F. Keller
11:00 CPP 35.26 Intracrystalline dynamics of polybutylene succinate and poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) — •Mohd Afiq Bin Anuar, Yu Qiang, Thomas Thurn-Albrecht, and Kay Saalwächter
11:00 CPP 35.27 Non-linear mechanical properties of polycaprolactone polymer/oligomer blends with defined entanglement density and crystalline thickness — •Tonghua Liu, Albrecht Petzold, and Thomas Thurn-Albrecht
11:00 CPP 35.28 New experimental methods for structure analysis of soft matter — •Eric Euchler, Anna Katharina Sambale, Regine Boldt, Kai Uhlig, Laura Neumann, Konrad Schneider, Matthias Schwartzkopf, Stephan Roth, and Markus Stommel
  11:00 CPP 35.29 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 CPP 35.30 Uniaxially Aligned Merocyanine Films by Graphene Nanoribbon Templated Growth — •Philipp Weitkamp, Nora Gildemeister, Lukas Böhner, Dirk Hertel, and Klaus Meerholz
11:00 CPP 35.31 Long chain Polyamides: Influence of methylene sequence length and external forces on structural features — •Rene Sattler, Varun Danke, and Mario Beiner
11:00 CPP 35.32 Bond order parameters in crystallization of short polymer chains in thin films: SAMC simulation — •Evgeniia Filimonova, Timur Shakirov, and Viktor Ivanov
11:00 CPP 35.33 Investigating the thermodynamics and kinetics of catechin pyrolysis for environmentally friendly binders — •Jakob Kraus and Jens Kortus
11:00 CPP 35.34 Pyrolysis of ellagic acid - a thermodynamic and kinetic study by means of quantum chemistry — •Philip Schöne, Jakob Kraus, and Jens Kortus
11:00 CPP 35.35 Transversal piezo-force-microscopy with the use of interdigitated electrodes — •Maximilian Litterst, Andrey Butkevich, and Martijn Kemerink
11:00 CPP 35.36 Ca substituion instead of Sr in La0.58Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ as a cathode electrode for IT-SOFCs — •Majid Jafari, Fatemeh Yadollahi Farsani, Norbert Menzler, Christian Lenser, and Fabian Grimm
11:00 CPP 35.37 Antiperovskites (Li2Fe)ChO as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries and investigation of the reaction mechanism — •Bowen Dong, Lennart Singer, Mohamed Abdullah Abdullah Mohamed, Silke Hampel, Nico Gräßler, and Rüdiger Klingeler
11:00 CPP 35.38 Rational Design of Novel Photoswitches with Generative Models — •Robert Strothmann, Christian Kunkel, Johannes Margraf, and Karsten Reuter
11:00 CPP 35.39 Correlating molecular properties to nonlinear optical activity: Prerequisites for white light generation. — •Ferdinand Ziese, Lena Albohn, Kevin Eberheim, and Simone Sanna
11:00 CPP 35.40 Effect of electron and laser irradiation on the structure of halogen substituted adamantane clusters — •Lena Albohn, Simone Sanna, Kevin Eberheim, and Ferdinand Ziese
11:00 CPP 35.41 Structural properties of a semi-dilute suspensions of magnetic multicore nanoparticles — •Ekaterina Novak, Andrey Kuznetsov, Elena Pyanzina, Marina Gupalo, Tatyna Belyaeva, and Sofia Kantorovich
11:00 CPP 35.42 Characterisation and transport within tetra-PEG*tetra-PCL amphiphilic end-linked polymer model networks — •Lucas Löser, Carolin Bunk, Frank Böhme, and Kay Saalwächter
11:00 CPP 35.43 Hybrid hydrogel films for scalable H2 production — •Morgan Le Dû, Julija Reitenbach, Manuel A. Reus, Kun Sun, Zerui Li, Sigrid Bernstorff, Cristiane Henschel, André Laschwesky, Christine M. Papadakis, and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
11:00 CPP 35.44 Effect of type of initiator and purification on the properties of thermo-responsive PNIPAM microgels — •Joanne Zimmer, Sebastian Stock, Souraj Mandal, Carina Schneider, Luca Mirau, and Regine von Klitzing
11:00 CPP 35.45 Diketopyrrolopyrroles on graphite: Carpets self-assembled via hydrogen bondingMoufdi Hadjab, Vladyslav Savchenko, Nina Tverdokhleb, and •Olga Guskova
11:00 CPP 35.46 Ground- and excited-state properties of tetraphenyl compounds from first-principles calculations — •Kevin Eberheim, Lena Albohn, Ferdinand Ziese, Christof Dues, and Simone Sanna
11:00 CPP 35.47 Scaling Properties of Tree-like Self-Similar Polymers — •Ron Dockhorn and Jens-Uwe Sommer
11:00 CPP 35.48 Statistical Analysis of the Dimerization of Polyglutamine Chains — •Christian Lauer and Wolfgang Paul
11:00 CPP 35.49 Construction of a polarizable force field for molecular dynamics simulation of a NaOTF Water-in-Salt electrolyte — •Majid Rezaei, Sung Sakong, and Axel Gross
11:00 CPP 35.50 Kirkwood-Buff theory approach towards cosolvent effects on single polymer chain collapse transition — •Martin Melčák, Jakub Smutek, and Jan Heyda
  11:00 CPP 35.51 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 CPP 35.52 Luminescence properties of Nd complexes and processing of photonic crystal structures — •Miriam Gerstel, Ingo Köhne, Paul Mertin, Bernd Witzigmann, Johann Peter Reithmaier, Rudolf Pietschnig, and Mohamed Benyoucef
11:00 CPP 35.53 Insights into structure and dynamics of polycaprolactone-based star-shaped polymer electrolytes from molecular dynamics simulations — •Mirko Fischer, Diddo Diddens, and Andreas Heuer
11:00 CPP 35.54 Organisation of Nanoparticles with Polymer Brushes: Computer Simulation Studies — •Bhuwan Poudel, Hsiao-Ping Hsu, and Kurt Kremer
11:00 CPP 35.55 Tribological Properties of Selected Vanadium Oxides Investigated with ReaxFF molecular dynamics — •Miljan Dašić, Ilia Ponomarev, Tomaš Polcar, and Paolo Nicolini
11:00 CPP 35.56 interfacial rheology of PNIPAM aqueous solutions at air-water interface: effect of cross-linking and oscillation frequency — •Atieh Razavi, Regine von Klitzing, and Amin Rahimzadeh
  11:00 CPP 35.57 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 CPP 35.58 Architecture effect on the behavior of gradient and triblock terpolymer OEGMA-BuMA-DEGMA — •Wenqi Xu, Eirini Melampianaki, Feifei Zheng, Anna P. Constantinou, Theoni K. Georgiou, and Christine M. Papadakis
11:00 CPP 35.59 Adaptive Air-Water Interfaces with Spiropyran and Arylazopyrazole Photoswitches — •Michael Hardt and Björn Braunschweig
11:00 CPP 35.60 A thermo- and photoresponsive polymer for schizophrenic switching of amphiphilic self-assembled micelles — •Peiran Zhang, René Steinbrecher, André Laschewsky, Peter Müller-Buschbaum, and Christine M. Papadakis
11:00 CPP 35.61 Effect of pressure on the micellar structure of PMMA-b-PNIPAM in aqueous solution — •Pablo A. Alvarez Herrera, Geethu P. Meledam, Cristiane Henschel, Leonardo Chiappisi, André Laschewsky, and Christine M. Papadakis
11:00 CPP 35.62 Synthesis of diblock copolymer brush surfaces to control the adaptation time to water — •Benjamin Leibauer, Andres de los Santos Pereira, Ognen Pop-Georgievski, Hans-Jürgen Butt, and Rüdiger Berger
11:00 CPP 35.63 Droplets sliding on compressed soft surfaces — •Youchuang Chao, Hansol Jeon, and Stefan Karpitschka
11:00 CPP 35.64 Understanding wetting and drying of nanoporous media through optical and dilatometry experiments — •Laura Gallardo, Juan Sánchez, Yannick Tetzner, and Patrick Huber
11:00 CPP 35.65 Studying Solid-liquid Contact Charge Separation Dynamics using Mirror Charge — •Pravash Bista, Hans-Jürgen Butt, and Stefan A.L Weber
11:00 CPP 35.66 Towards wetting on switchable and adaptive conducting polymer surfaces — •Junqi Lu, Aldilene Santos Franca, Nikolaos Karadimitriou, Holger Steeb, and Sabine Ludwigs
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