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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 12: Nonequilibrium Quantum Many-Body Systems I (joint session TT/DY)

Dienstag, 28. März 2023, 09:30–13:15, HSZ 204

09:30 DY 12.1 Ultrafast dynamics of quantum many-body systems including dynamical screening and strong coupling — •Michael Bonitz, Jan-Philip Joost, Hannes Ohldag, Erik Schroedter, and Iva Brezinova
09:45 DY 12.2 Spectral response of a charge density wave insulator to periodic driving — •Alexander Osterkorn, Constantin Meyer, and Salvatore Manmana
10:00 DY 12.3 Floquet engineering in tilted lattices — •Melissa Will, Pablo Sala, and Frank Pollmann
10:15 DY 12.4 Photoinduced spinful excitons in Hubbard systems with magnetic superstructuresConstantin Meyer and •Salvatore R. Manmana
10:30 DY 12.5 Photoinduced pairing states of excitonic insulators — •Satoshi Ejima
  10:45 15 min. break
11:00 DY 12.6 Hauptvortrag: Higgs spectroscopy of superconductors in nonequilibrium — •Dirk Manske
11:30 DY 12.7 Periodically driven spin-1/2 XXZ antiferromagnetic chains — •Aslam Parvej, Imke Schneider, and Sebastian Eggert
11:45 DY 12.8 Controllable effects of the mass term in time-periodic driven sine-Gordon models. — •Dimo Claude, Simon Jäger, Christoph Dauer, Piotr Chudzinski, Imke Schneider, and Sebastian Eggert
12:00 DY 12.9 Correlated Mott insulators and photovoltaics out of equilibrium: phonons and heat dissipation — •Enrico Arrigoni, Tommaso Mazzocchi, Paolo Gazzaneo, Daniel Werner, and Jan Lotze
12:15 DY 12.10 Correlated Mott insulators in strong electric fields: Role of phonons in heat dissipation — •Tommaso Maria Mazzocchi, Paolo Gazzaneo, Jan Lotze, and Enrico Arrigoni
12:30 DY 12.11 Influence of phononic dissipation on impact ionization processes in a photodriven Mott insulator — •Paolo Gazzaneo, Tommaso Maria Mazzocchi, Jan Lotze, and Enrico Arrigoni
12:45 DY 12.12 Photoinduced prethermal order parameter dynamics in the two-dimensional large-N Hubbard-Heisenberg model — •Alexander Osterkorn and Stefan Kehrein
13:00 DY 12.13 Observation of magnon bound states in the long-range, anisotropic Heisenberg modelFlorian Kranzl, •Stefan Birnkammer, Manoj Joshi, Alvise Bastianello, Rainer Blatt, Michael Knap, and Christian Roos
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