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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 16: Complex Fluids and Soft Matter (joint session DY/CPP)

Dienstag, 28. März 2023, 10:00–13:00, MOL 213

10:00 DY 16.1 How are mobility and friction related in viscoelastic fluids? — •Juliana Caspers, Nikolas Ditz, Karthika Krishna Kumar, Felix Ginot, Clemens Bechinger, Matthias Fuchs, and Matthias Krüger
10:15 DY 16.2 Can liquid-state theory predict jamming of hard particles? — •Carmine Anzivino, Mathias Casiulis, Amgad Moussa, Stefano Martiniani, and Alessio Zaccone
10:30 DY 16.3 2D crystals of squares and the tetraic phase — •Peter Keim
10:45 DY 16.4 Transient microrheology unveils the presence of two relaxation processes in viscoelastic fluids — •Félix Ginot, Juliana Caspers, Luis Frieder Reinalter, Karthika Krishna Kumar, Matthias Krüger, and Clemens Bechinger
  11:00 15 min. break
11:15 DY 16.5 Phason strain-free growth of quasicrystals based on purely local rules and without repair mechanismStefan Wolf, Michael Engel, and •Michael Schmiedeberg
11:30 DY 16.6 Magnus force on microscopic spinning objects moving through non-Markovian bathsXin Cao, •Debankur Das, Niklas Windbacher, Felix Ginot, Matthias Kruger, and Clemens Bechinger
11:45 DY 16.7 Preferential alignment of colloidal dumbbells with recoil direction — •Karthika Krishna Kumar, Félix Ginot, Juliana Caspers, Matthias Krüger, and Clemens Bechinger
12:00 DY 16.8 Entropic phase diagram of twisted convex particles — •Poshika Gandhi and Anja Kuhnhold
12:15 DY 16.9 Optimizing the Structure of Acene Clusters — •Philipp Elsässer and Tanja Schilling
12:30 DY 16.10 Ergodicity breaking in overpacked colloidal hard spheres — •Hans Joachim Schöpe
12:45 DY 16.11 Coacervates from a polyelectrolye and a small polyion: preparation, phase behavior and theoretical modelingLucy Coria-Oriundo, Eugenia Apuzzo, Santiago Herrera, Marcelo Ceolín, Gabriel Debais, Fernando Battaglini, and •Mario Tagliazucchi
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