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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 7: Granular Matter and Contact Dynamics

Montag, 27. März 2023, 10:00–12:45, ZEU 148

10:00 DY 7.1 Collective dipole reorganization in magnetostructures — •Wafflard Adrien, Vandewalle Nicolas, and Opsomer Eric
10:15 DY 7.2 How is the growth of ferromagnetic granular networks controlled by an orthogonal magnetic field?Matthias Biersack, •Ali Lakkis, Oksana Bilous, Pedro A. Sanchez, Sofia S. Kantorovich, and Reinhard Richter
10:30 DY 7.3 Dynamic light scattering from single macroscopic particlesLisa Künstler, Raphael Kessler, Matthias Sperl, and •Philip Born
10:45 DY 7.4 Shear jamming and free surface deformation enable reciprocal swimming in granular materials — •Hongyi Xiao, Achim Sack, and Thorsten Pöschel
11:00 DY 7.5 Phase space characterization of three-dimensional nucleation of glass spheres — •Frank Rietz and Matthias Schröter
  11:15 15 min. break
11:30 DY 7.6 Non-convex particles under shear in a split bottom cell — •Mahdieh Mohammadi, Ahmed Ashour, Dmitry Puzyrev, Torsten Trittel, and Ralf Stannarius
11:45 DY 7.7 Forces on obstacles suspended in flowing granular matter — •Jing Wang, Bo Fan, Tivadar Pongó, Tamás Börzsönyi, Raúl Cruz Hidalgo, and Ralf Stannarius
12:00 DY 7.8 Free cooling dynamics and energy partition in 3D granular gas mixtures — •Dmitry Puzyrev, Adrian Niemann, Kirsten Harth, Torsten Trittel, and Ralf Stannarius
12:15 DY 7.9 Effect of particle size on the suction mechanism in granular grippers — •Angel Santarossa, Olfa D’Angelo, Achim Sack, and Thorsten Pöschel
12:30 DY 7.10 Visualization of flow dynamics for Poly-dispersed dense granular suspension in various sections of pipe — •Himanshu P Patel and Günter K Auernhammer
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