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MM: Fachverband Metall- und Materialphysik

MM 40: Mechanical Properties and Allloy Design

Donnerstag, 30. März 2023, 15:45–18:30, SCH A 251

15:45 MM 40.1 First principles validation of barriers in Ni3Al — •Adam Fisher, Thomas Hudson, Huan Wu, Tyler London, and Peter Brommer
16:00 MM 40.2 Ab-initio study of partitioning of transition-metal elements in the γ/γ ′ microstructure of single-crystal superalloys — •Isabel Pietka, Andreas Förner, Manuel Köbrich, Steffen Neumeier, Ralf Drautz, and Thomas Hammerschmidt
16:15 MM 40.3 Towards understanding the yield stress anomaly of Ni3Al from the energetics of planar defects — •Xiang Xu, Xi Zhang, Andrei Ruban, Siegfried Schmauder, and Blazej Grabowski
16:30 MM 40.4 Observation of in-plane oriented Guinier-Preston zones in Al-Cu — •Johannes Berlin, Tobias Stegmüller, and Ferdinand Haider
16:45 MM 40.5 Dynamical and structural properties of undercooled Cu-Ti melts — •Lucas Kreuzer, Fan Yang, Thomas Hansen, Andreas Meyer, and Winfried Petry
  17:00 15 min. break
17:15 MM 40.6 Can we measure twinning stress of a high entropy alloy with micromechanics? — •Camila Aguiar Teixeira, Subin Lee, and Christoph Kirchlechner
17:30 MM 40.7 Influence of crystal structure on helium-induced tendril formation in an FeCoCrNiV high-entropy alloy — •Svenja Lohmann, Russell Goodall, Gregor Hlawacek, René Hübner, Le Ma, and Amy S. Gandy
17:45 MM 40.8 Diffusion and phase stability in a HCP HfScTiZr multicomponent alloy — •Mohan Muralikrishna Garlapati, Sandipan Sen, Xi Zhang, Sankaran S, Juliana Schell, Lukasz Rogal, Gerhard Wilde, Grabowski B, and Sergiy V. Divinski
18:00 MM 40.9 Solid solution strengthening in single-phase HEAs based on Au-Cu-Ni-Pd-Pt — •Sophie Drescher, Jens Freudenberger, Sascha Seils, Alexander Kauffmann, and Martin Heilmaier
18:15 MM 40.10 Magnetism in nanocrystalline CoMnFeNiGa high entropy alloys: "from micro and bulk to nano" — •Natalia Shkodich, Varatharaja Nallathambi, Tatyana Smolyarova, Sven Reichenberger, and Michael Farle
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