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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 48: Focus Session: Semiconductor Surface Chemistry – from Reaction Mechanisms to Well-Ordered Interfaces I

Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 10:30–12:15, GER 38

The interest in the properties of semiconductor surfaces and chemical reactions on these surfaces is driven by a large range of current and future applications. They are spanning from conventional microelectronics over molecular electronics, atomic scale and quantum devices to photo(-electro)-chemical processes for large-scale synthesis of chemicals such as hydrogen and ammonia. In this focus session, the wide variety of topics in semiconductor surface chemistry is illustrated in the same way as the common aspects of the field are emphasized. In particular, the question how to control the reactivity on semiconductor surfaces, which is typically governed by the high localization of charge at the surface dangling bonds, will be addressed for the different systems. A larger part of the session will be dedicated to the reaction of organic molecules on semiconductor surfaces and how the control of these reactions can lead to the synthesis of ordered organic architectures with well-controlled properties on semiconductor surfaces.

Organizer: Michael Dürr (U Giessen)

10:30 O 48.1 Topical Talk: Surface functionalization of semiconductors: Introducing spectroscopic labels, monolayer control for ultra-shallow doping, and providing surface passivation for atomically-precise processes — •Andrew Teplyakov
11:00 O 48.2 Theoretical studies on surface stabilities of FeCuO2 and CuBi2O4 — •Julian Beßner, Stefanie Bogenrieder, Björn Kirchhoff, and Timo Jacob
11:15 O 48.3 Topical Talk: Growth of organic monolayers on Si(111) — •Martin Franz
11:45 O 48.4 Organic molecular architectures synthesized by means of solution-based click chemistry on functionalized silicon surfaces — •Timo Glaser, Jannick Alexander Peters, Christian Länger, Dominik Scharf, Jannick Meinecke, Ulrich Koert, and Michael Dürr
12:00 O 48.5 Towards Ab Initio Design of Internal Interfaces - The Adsorption of Cyclooctyne on Semiconductor Surfaces — •Hendrik Weiske and Ralf Tonner-Zech
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