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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 69: Poster: Solid-Liquid Interfaces

Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 18:00–20:00, P2/EG

18:00 O 69.1 Understanding the mechanism of Li-mediated nitrogen reduction reaction — •Yuanyuan Zhou and Jens K. Nørskov
18:00 O 69.2 When qualitative do not imply quantitative differences: Analyzing the oxygen reduction reaction using first-principles kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. — •Elia Zonta, Younes Hassani Abdollahi, Karsten Reuter, and Sebastian Matera
18:00 O 69.3 Electric Double Layer effect on outer-sphere benzyl halides electro-reduction mechanism — •Aleksandr Kramarenko, Felix Studt, and Evgeny Pidko
18:00 O 69.4 Atomistic electric double layer modeling of water/metal interfaces from AIMD and continuum approaches — •Sung Sakong and Axel Groß
18:00 O 69.5 Water/InP(001) from Density Functional Theory — •Isaac Azahel Ruiz Alvarado and Wolf Gero Schmidt
18:00 O 69.6 CO2 Electroreduction Reactions at Gold and Copper Electrodes in Ionic Liquids — •Björn Ratschmeier, Gina Ross, and Björn Braunschweig
18:00 O 69.7 Exploring charge transfer at electrified interfaces via ab initio thermopotentiostat molecular dynamics — •Florian Deißenbeck, Mira Todorova, Christoph Freysoldt, Jörg Neugebauer, and Stefan Wippermann
18:00 O 69.8 Density functional calculations of diffusion paths of methyl thiolate on c(2x2)Cl- and Br-covered Cu(100) surfaces — •Falk Wendorff and Eckhard Pehlke
18:00 O 69.9 Growth and structure formation of [EMIm][OTf] on Au(111)Jonas Hauner, •Hanna Bühlmeyer, Simon Trzeciak, Julien Steffen, Dirk Zahn, Andreas Görling, and Jörg Libuda
18:00 O 69.10 In situ surface X-ray diffraction studies of Pt(110) — •Finn Schröter, Jan Ole Fehrs, Timo Fuchs, Jakub Drnec, Marta Mirolo, David Harrington, and Olaf Magnussen
18:00 O 69.11 The self-assembly process of helical moleculesThi N. Ha Nguyen, F. Günther, K. Preis, •J. Kelling, C. Tegenkamp, and S. Gemming
18:00 O 69.12 DFT calculation of the Sad diffusion energy barriers on Ag(100) in the presence of Br coadsorbates — •Sönke Buttenschön and Eckhard Pehlke
18:00 O 69.13 Correlation between electrostatic and hydration forces on silica and gibbsite surfaces: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study — •Igor Siretanu, Aram Klaassen, and Frieder Mugele
18:00 O 69.14 The interfacial (electronic) structure of InP(001) in contact with electrolytes studied via computational Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy — •Vibhav Yadav, Margot Guidat, Mario Löw, Jongmin Kim, Holger Euchner, and Matthias M. May
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