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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 10: Focus Session: Evolution of Topological Materials into Superconducting Nanodevices I (joint session HL/TT)

Montag, 18. März 2024, 15:00–18:00, EW 202

The focus session intends to span the arc between topological materials and superconducting nanodevices, both experimentally and theoretically. Such structures are interesting for applications in future topological quantum circuits. In recent years, the number of topological materials and the knowledge about them has rapidly increased. As part of the focus session, material properties of layered systems made of topological materials, especially in combination with superconductors, are discussed. On the other hand, the special challenges in the nanofabrication of these materials for use in future topological quantum processors are addressed. Another focus is the quantum transport in nanoscale hybrid structures.

Organized by Thomas Schäpers, Philipp Rüßmann, and Peter Schüffelgen

15:00 HL 10.1 Transport studies in selectively grown topological insulator multiterminal Josphson junctions — •Gerrit Behner, Alina Rupp, Abdur Rehman Jalil, Kristof Moors, Dennis Heffels, Detlev Grützmacher, and Thomas Schäpers
15:15 HL 10.2 Quasparticle poisoning effects on electron transport through a Majorana wire — •Florinda Viñas Boström and Patrik Recher
15:30 HL 10.3 Andreev spectrum of Josephson junctions with topological insulator nanostructures — •Dennis Heffels, Peter Schüffelgen, Kristof Moors, and Detlev Grützmacher
15:45 HL 10.4 Realistic modeling of proximitized magnetic topological insulator nanoribbons — •Eduárd Zsurka, Julian Legendre, Daniele Di Miceli, Llorenç Serra, Thomas Schmidt, and Kristof Moors
16:00 HL 10.5 Transport in core/shell GaAs/InAs/Al half-shell nanowire-based hybrid devices — •Farah Basarić, Patrick Zellekens, Russell Deacon, Vladan Brajović, Alexander Pawlis, Gerrit Behner, Hans Lüth, Detlev Grützmacher, Koji Ishibashi, and Thomas Schäpers
16:15 HL 10.6 Van der Pauw measurements for the optimization of magnetic topological insulators — •Jan Karthein, Jonas Buchhorn, Kaycee Underwood, Abdur Reman Jalil, Peter Schüffelgen, Detlev Grützmacher, and Thomas Schäpers
  16:30 15 min. break
16:45 HL 10.7 Topology of finite size magnetic topological insulator/superconductor heterostructures — •Julian Legendre, Eduárd Zsurka, Daniele Di Miceli, Llorenç Serra, Kristof Moors, and Thomas L. Schmidt
17:00 HL 10.8 Proximity induced superconducting gap in Bi-containing thin TI and highly ordered TI films grown on the Nb(110) surface — •Artem Odobesko, Felix Friedrich, Robin Boshuis, and Matthias Bode
17:15 HL 10.9 Selective growth of magnetic topological insulator nanostructures via molecular beam epitaxy — •Max Vaßen-Carl, Peter Schüffelgen, and Detlev Grützmacher
17:30 HL 10.10 Conductance asymmetry in proximitized magnetic topological insulator junctions with Majorana modes — •Daniele Di Miceli, Eduárd Zsurka, Julian Legendre, Kristof Moors, Thomas Schmidt, and Llorenç Serra
17:45 HL 10.11 Transport spectroscopy on (Bi,Sb)2Te3 nanoribbons proximitized by aluminum as parent superconductor — •Benedikt Frohn, Tobias W. Schmitt, Vanessa S. Bello, Dennis Heffels, Albert Hertel, Michael Schleenvoigt, Abdur R. Jalil, Kristof Moors, Peter Schüffelgen, and Detlev Grützmacher
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