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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 22: Focus Session: Young Semiconductor Forum

Dienstag, 19. März 2024, 11:00–15:30, Poster F

This poster session is part of the Young Semiconductor Forum, which is a platform for post-docs at all career stages to present themselves and their scientific ideas. The forum consists of an oral session with invited talks and immediately afterwards, a poster session, where further participants present a poster about their work and/or scientific vita. With this format, we hope to attract both postdocs and senior researchers and decision makers to join this forum: for postdocs, to give them a platform to present themselves, and for professors, to meet the next generation of scientists.

Organized by Alexander Holleitner and AGYouLEAP (Susanne Liese, Alexander Schlaich, Doris Reiter und Christoph Kastl).

  11:00 HL 22.1 The contribution has been moved to HL 33.4.
  11:00 HL 22.2 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 HL 22.3 Membrane external-cavity surface-emitting lasers: A review at the first decade of research — •Hermann Kahle
11:00 HL 22.4 Tunable White-Light Emission from Self-Trapped Excitons in Low-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskites — •Philip Klement, Lukas Gümbel, Johanna Heine, and Sangam Chatterjee
11:00 HL 22.5 Doping-control of excitons and magnetism in few-layer CrSBr — •Farsane Tabataba-Vakili, Huy Nguyen, Anna Rupp, Kseniia Mosina, Anastasios Papavasileiou, Patrick Maletinsky, Mikhail Glazov, Zdenek Sofer, Anvar Baimuratov, and Alexander Högele
11:00 HL 22.6 Straintronics with van der Waals materials — •Emeline Nysten
  11:00 HL 22.7 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 HL 22.8 Guided light in Angstrom thin samples - 2D van der Waals materials as a platform for novel optical devices and fundamental research — •Patryk Kusch, Mira Kreßler, and Stephanie Reich
11:00 HL 22.9 Electrolytes at semi-conducting materials: From first principles to coarse-grained models — •Alexander Schlaich
11:00 HL 22.10 Route toward simulating semiconductor interfaces and surfaces: from crafting an XC potential to applications — •Tomáš Rauch
  11:00 HL 22.11 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 HL 22.12 Non-Hermitian Physics in multiterminal devicesKyryl Ochkan, Viktor Könye, Louis Veyrat, Anastasiia Chyzhykova, Romain Giraud, Dominique Mailly, Antonella Cavanna, Ulf Gennser, Ewelina Hankiewicz, Bernd Büchner, Jeroen Van den Brink, Jan Carl Budich, Ion Cosma Fulga, and •Joseph Dufouleur
11:00 HL 22.13 Where physics meets biology — •Susanne Liese
11:00 HL 22.14 Efficient Narrow-Beam Hexagonal Boron-Nitride Single-Photon Source — •Johann A. Preuß, Helge Gehring, Robert Schmidt, Lin Jin, Daniel Wendland, Johannes Kern, Wolfram H.P. Pernice, Steffen Michaelis de Vasconcellos, and Rudolf Bratschitsch
  11:00 HL 22.15 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 HL 22.16 Nonlinear dynamics: from machine tools to nanoresonators — •Ahmed A. Barakat and Eva M. Weig
11:00 HL 22.17 Towards SiC as a Platform for Hybrid Quantum Technologies — •Philipp Bredol, Felix David, B. Demiralp, Z. Niu, N. S. Jagtap, A. Hochreiter, G. V. Astakhov, A. Erbe, H. B. Weber, and E. M. Weig
11:00 HL 22.18 Broken symmetries in two-dimensional materials probed by nonlinear optoelectronic transport — •Christoph Kastl
11:00 HL 22.19 Ultrahigh frequency Brillouin spectroscopy in optophononic Fabry-Perot cavities and optomechanical study of 2D materials in fiber Fabry-Perot cavities — •Anne Rodriguez
11:00 HL 22.20 Ultrafast coherent control of single-photon emitters in hBNJohann A. Preuß, Daniel Groll, Robert Schmidt, Thilo Hahn, Pawel Machnikowski, Tilmann Kuhn, Daniel Wigger, and •Steffen Michaelis de Vasconcellos
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